How To Learn Spellings

Weekly spelling lists can be found at the bottom of this page. There are three spelling lists that are diferentiated and your child will  bring their weekly spellings home in their Spelling Journal  every Thursday/ Friday. Spellings are tested on Thursdays/ Fridays and new spellings are then given out.

**January 2017**

From January 2017 the whole school will be changing the way we approach our spellings.  We will be changing over to the Nessy spelling lists - these are differentiated across all year groups ensuring a consistent approach throughout the school.  As it is a new scheme for us, please bear with us while we get it up and running!  The spelling groups are flexible as before and children will move between them as necessary.  

Each fortnight we will be focussing on a spelling sound/ pattern.  We will be looking at spelling the words, understanding the spelling rule/ pattern as well as using these words in a sentence.  

Week 1 - Dictation test, new spelling words sent home along with a word wall (to be completed at home)

Week 2 - Spelling test, word walls returned to school and dictation sentences given out.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to pop in and discuss them!




Here are a few ideas for you to help your child learn their spellings:-

Look- Look at the word
Say- Say the word out loud
Cover- Cover the word up
Write- Write the word down
Check- Check it !

Every child loves playing games, why not try playing these games with your child to help them learn their spellings?

Four in a Row
Dictate four words and your child has to write them down. Then mark them together- have they spelt four in a row correctly (four consecutive spellings correct)?

Letter scramble
Write the letters of a given word down randomly- can your child spell the word correctly?
For example: w e e r h
Can you spell where?

Dictate a sentence for your child to spell?

Play Hangman with a spelling from their spelling list

Correct Choice?
Write down the correct spelling and a few other plausible spellings of the word. Can your child see the correct spelling? This helps them in school when they are editing their work and they need to check their spellings in their writing.

For example: come, cume, come, cme
Which of these is the word ‘come'?

Have fun !