Sept ember 30th

Friday September 30th

We have been working on doubling using the diamond method this week. Pupils have been partitioning a two digit number into tens and units, doubling the tens and units and then adding to get an answer:-

Double 56

Prtition 56 into 50   +  6

Double 50=100 Double 6 = 12

Add 100 + 12 tp get an answer of 112.

However, what often lets children down when learning difficult concepts later  in school life, such as fractions and percentages, is poor recall of basic number facts. therefore, your child will come home with Speed Recall Sheets for the next few weeks. Each child has an A4 sheet split into 4 columns- a column for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and a spare one for eager beavers !  Please time your child- they have 1 minute to try to complete a strip. Many pupils will not be able to do this initially in 1 minute, but after practise, they will be able to see they are getting faster, and by the time they complete the fourth strip they should be able to see an improvement. It's a bit like riding a bike- practise makes perfect !

If anyone does complete a strip in 1 imute, please make sure your parent signs it and bring it into school- there will be house points awarded for such an achievement!!

Good luck and have fun !