SEAL in 4/5R

YR4/5R SEAL New Beginnings

 Y4/5R S.E.A.L Activities on Good to be me. 

  • Circle time to share own experiences of feeling inadequate. We took in turns to ask the person next to us politely, have you ever felt useless? Children were able to give their opinion and respect others opinions. Children only allowed to talk when holding the circle time object.
  • When looking at the difference between being proud and boastful, we made a people continuum in the classroom. Children were given different statements and then asked to stand somewhere on the line to gage the difference between being proud and boastful. Again, children shared theirs experiences of both.
  • We discussed risks and children listened to a story from the teacher and had to say whether they thought it was a good or a bad risk. Children then used whiteboards, good risk written on one side and bad risk on the other. When scenarios were read out they had to choose which ones good or bad and hold up their board. This opened up freedom of speech and some children offered good reasons for their decisions.
  • We have used talk partners on the carpet to learn how to agree and disagree. One person in the pair was told to disagree and give reasons whilst the other had to agree and give reasons. They had no choice. Children learnt the importance of listening to one another's reasons for their thinking as well as having to articulate their thinking and opinions to their peers.
  • Children have also used 'fingers of five' to show the strength of their feelings. 1 being 'not a problem for me' and 5 being 'it affects me greatly'. Children are also encouraged to use this in class when a sensitive or personal subject is discussed.
  • Class came up with their own checklist on how to help their friends and peers 'bounce back'. This to help encourage one another and see ourselves as different and unique.