PTA AGM Minutes 28.09.2021


Mount Pleasant PTA AGM

Mount Pleasant Primary School

Wednesday 5th October 2016


Present: Fiona Rutledge, Emma Lindsey, Sandra Grant, Victoria Lock, David Jackson, Amy Canham, Dilwyn Gurney, Ceri Wilson, Aysima Harper, Rachael Rusgys, Anna Benning, Amanda Williams, Andrew Browning, Claire Gates, Ceri Edwards, Sian Heaton.

Apologies: Joanne Edwards, Diana Osman, Lucy Durston-Birt



Miss Rutledge began by welcoming everyone to the meeting and thanks the PTA members from the previous year, in particular Emma.  She said there had been lots of positives and a few negative points.  FR reiterated the importance of the PTA and its aim to raise money for the school.  She mentioned that there have been a few issues recently regarding the finances of the PTA but it was now time to draw a line underneath it and move forward.

Mrs Grant has recently undergone a financial audit and was rewarded with a GREEN which is absolutely fantastic.  Well done!  As a result of this SG has offered to assist the PTA Treasurer keep a check on future finances by keeping everything on a spreadsheet, as she does with school, and to meet with the Treasurer on a monthly basis to ensure all finance records are updated accordingly.  She has also suggested that at the end of the academic year all but £500 of monies raised will be paid into the school account. The PTA will then begin each academic year with no more than £500.


Report from Chair

Please see attached for the full report from Emma Lindsay.

In brief Emma has thanked the PTA for the support she has received over the past year.  The money raised this last academic year was £4096 which included the £1000 match funding and £750 from the Music Extravaganza.


Treasurers Report

The opening balance for September 2016 was £4655.57, compared to £2735.79 in September 2015. 

This previous year has seen the PTA make a profit of £4606.21 of which £3184.43 has been donated to the school (plus the £1000 match-funding) for items such as music tuition (£2210) and year 6 leavers (£591.15).  As well as this, £250 was donated to Sarah Facer's fundraising event to aid the purchase of a defibrillator for the school.

A full financial breakdown is available.



Committee Members

All committee members decided to stand down for the new year ahead and to vote in a new team.  However, Emma has agreed to remain as joint chair alongside Andrew Browning.  Amy Canham will be co-Chair, Anna Benning will be Secretary and Claire Gates is Treasurer.

A big welcome to all!

Emma and Anna are signatories for the PTA and will remain so for the forthcoming year.  Andrew Browning, as joint chair, will be added.



Next meeting

The next meeting has been set for Monday 23rd January 2017 at 6.00pm in the school.