Calling on all parents and children to eat lots of eggs and pringles in the name of art!  Or if you have any  empty egg boxes (cardboard but not plastic please) and pringle tubes in your recycling boxes, please could we excavate them instead for our craft work this week?  Apologies for late notice, but I think I over-estimated my egg and pringle eating capacity.  Thank you!


Homework journals are coming home this half term!  We would like everybody to do a little research into what the Ancient Egyptians wore.  Children can do as much or as little research as they wish, but we would ask whatever they find out to be recorded in their journals.  In past years, children have produced fantastic fashion magazines (placed inside their journals) , PowerPoints (printed out and put into their journals), Diary entries recording what their Egyptian Character wore one day (straight in the journal!) and even a doll dressed up in Egyptian clothes (with a report to accompany it in their journals)  The children will then present their findings on the Thursday and Friday of the second week back after half term.  Here's a link to a website that might help them begin their investigations: 

We hope they have fun with their research!

Has anybody found a white long-sleeved top? It was bought from Sports Direct, probably aged 7-8, and lost during our Christmas Week performances  If you come across it in , please could it be returned to us in 1M after the Christmas break?  Thank you!


  • Letter Formation Sheet: Everyone has made incredible progress with their handwriting, and I am so proud of the effort that they've all made and the pride that they now take in their presentation. It really is essential that all the letters are formed from the correct starting point and that flicks are used where needed, as this is the formation that is needed for them to progress onto cursive writing in Year 2. We've also included their name cards to ensure that everyone is able to write their first and surnames without support when they return.


  • Monster Treats: We've been learning about instructional writing this past week and as many of you saw, the whole class wrote fantastic instructions on how to make Monster Treats (to link in with our Not Now Bernard book). We're now handing it over to you! The recipes have been photocopied for you to get baking -but just in case you need a little extra information, here' s the link to the original recipe! Please could we have photographs showing the children making and eating their cakes tweeted to @1M_MPS ? I promise that I'll give it a go too!


  • Talk Time: On the first day after half term the children will have an opportunity to write a holiday recount. The amount of information included in the recount will vary from child to child, but the emphasis will be on chronological order. One method that's been proven to help children of 5 and 6 to retain the order of events is to play a game similar to 'I went to the shops and I bought...' eg 'On Monday I went to..... ' and then 'On Monday I went to.....On Tuesday I went to...' and so on throughout the week. Not only will this talk time help them with their classwork, but it will also consolidate their knowledge of the days of the week!



Cress Heads!

As part of our 'Oursleves' topic we've been discussing the stages of growth from baby to pensioner and next week we'll be exploring  the stages of growth in other living things.  I'm hoping that we can all make a Cress Head, but am a little short on yoghurt pots.  Please could anyone who's going to eat a lot of yoghurt before next Wednesday save their pots for us to use in this project?  Thank you!!



Drinks and Snacks

We've noticed that some children are forgetting to take their water bottles out during morning break, dinner time and afternoon break.  Both Miss Durston and I remind the whole class that they need to pick up their water bottles along with their snacks as they leave the classroom on a daily basis as they line up to leave the classroom. (as you can see from the picture, the drinks and snacks are together on a table next to the door to make it easy for them to remember!). In year One, we encourage learners to be independent, particularly in routines such as these, and as I know you'll appreciate,  it would be impossible to remind each child individually.   Well done to all of those who are using their great listening skills and becoming independent - we'll continue to work with those who may be struggling, and look forward to our class treat for independent thinking.

Thanks to everyone for bringing their reading books back in today. Once we get settled into our routines, we'll be changing books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On a Monday and Wednesday we'll listen to individual readers and on a Friday, we'll hold discussion groups, where learners will get the opportunity to discuss the books that they've read that week - either re-telling the story, choosing a favourite page and explaining why or discussing which book they enjoyed the most.  As long as we have a comment  or  a signature in the reading record we'll know that the  book has been read, and we can change it for another.  If a book hasn't been read, just leave the comment box empty and we'll return the same book home to give you more time to read the book with your child.  Your support with your child's reading development is crucial, and we really do appreciate the time you spend listening to them.  Click on the picture above for tips on hearing your child read.


Great to see so many PE kits in school today!  Our PE sessions will be on a Monday morning and a Wednesday afternoon.  If any children have difficulty putting on tights or pinafore dresses , please could they wear an easier alternative on these days to avoid any upset!   (again, my 'mum' experiences have taught me that it can take years to master tights!!)  All children will be encouraged to change independently, and sometimes they'll return home with the odd garment on back to front or inside out. - however, they've had a go themselves and they'll always be praised for 'having a go'.  Clothes are also requested to be placed in tidily in their table places, so any support in folding clothes at home will be much appreciated.  We hope you'll reap the rewards at home too!

In case any letters that were sent out Tuesday 6the Sept went missing from reading folders (as I know they do from personal experience as a mum!!)  here's a copy for you...


Just a quick note to let you know that our Webpage has now been updated for our New Year 1's!  To access the page just go the our School Website, scroll down to 'Classes', click on 'Miss Medhurst', and there you'll find everything you and your child needs to keep up to date with Class Life!

We've kept it simple this year, so there's just 4 links to the left:

Spellings - weekly spellings will be posted on the Friday prior to the spelling test.

Maths Friday - Links will be posted here to games, Alfie fun and any other Maths Friday homework that isn't paper based.

Parent  Noticeboard -  Any important information will be communicated through the Parent Noticeboard link, so please keep an eye on it, as we're trying to be as paper free as possible this year!

Termly Topics - Here we'll let you know what our main topics will be each term, and also any sub-topics or special days.  There'll also be a link to a Padlet Wall where learners can interact digitally by posting questions or facts about the topics that we're studying.  It would be lovely for everyone in class to contribute to these walls as we often refer to them in the classroom, and the children really do love to see their names and comments up on the whiteboard.


This Friday we'll be assessing the children on their ability to write the Reception High Frequency words (that were sent home by Mrs Black last July). We'll carry out the assessment in the same way as we carry out the weekly spelling tests, so that learners become familiar with the format quickly.  Learners sit at their tables as a whole class, listen to the word that I say, and write it down in list format in red spelling books that we have for them in school.  It is an independent activity so that we are able to identify any areas of strength and of weakness to inform our planning and how we can best help the learners to progress with their writing. 


There are many changes from Reception to Year 1, but the children have been fantastic in coping with the far smaller classroom and the changes in routines.  I'm sure they're all going to be very tired coming home for the first few weeks, but I know that they'll all make amazing progress and be very proud of themselves in no time at all.


Thanks in anticipation for all the support that we know you'll give the children with their reading, spellings and Maths Friday - it really is invaluable.