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Welcome to the 5I webpage

Thank you for the lovely presents - have a great Christmas.

There is an Alfie test available on the maths page if anyone would like to have a go!

We would like to have a Victorian school morningon Thursday December 14th. Please could your child dress up in some sort of Victorian clothing - nothing elaborate, only what you've got - school trousers tucked into socks, a cap, an apron or shawl. We'll be doing Victorian type lessons and activities so the children can experience some of the differences. Thank you.


P.E./Games will take place on Monday and Wednesday pm. There has been a change due to timetabling issues. Please can all children have their kit in on these days? They are welcome to leave kit bags in the classroom. Please ensure that your children have appropriate footwear as one of the sessions will be outside, weather permitting. Many thanks.  


It is recommended that your child should read for 10 minutes every evening to help improve and develop their reading skills. Please encourage your child to read their book carefully, asking them questions about the book they have read. The children have brought home a sheet with some ideas of questions to ask.

Reading journals should be brought into school daily if possible, with the reading they have been doing entered and signed by a parent. We would like your child to complete an activity fortnightly, whether the book is finished or not, to help develop their higher order reading skills.

Comprehension homework will be placed in the back of reading journals once a fortnight or so.  


Spelling tests will take place every Friday morning. New spellings will be issued on the same day and lists will be made available in our Spelling section. It is the children's responsibility to ensure they have copied their new spellings correctly and I would urge them to use our website to check.


If you have any questions/queries, you can email me at 

Next Friday - October 6th the children will be starting their Still life sketches in art. They can bring in 3 objects from home for their work. They could use natural objects such as fruit, vegetables and flowers or man made objects if they prefer. Thank you.