Olympic Celebrations


Olympic Celebrations


Year 6 were invited to the Newport International Sports Village to take part in various olmpic themed events. We were one of twelve schools taking part and each school was given a country to represent. Our country was Namibia.

The opening ceremony at the Velodrome was thrilling. As we chanted our country's name we paraded with pride and waved our flags.




Our first event was athletics.

A coach illustrated the stance and moves required for such events as the shot putt, javalin and long jump.







Our 1st indoor event was golf.

There were two golfing activities. The first was based on hitting the ball with precision to hit a target.



The second event was more about working with speed within a group using carefully placed cones.



Table Tennis

A coach illustrated how to hold the bat and use our hand/eye coordination to hit the ball. This coach was able to hit the balls coming from the machine without looking!



There were plenty of table for us to work in pairs and practise the skills we had learnt.






100m Sprint

We returned to the athletics area to undertake the 100m sprint. There were some shorter, practise runs before we attempted this.


The 100m seemed much longer than we imagined!


We also took part in a 50m relay race.




We were very lucky to have four coaches for this event which meant that we could split up into smaller groups.

The coaches provided lots of guidance both at the start and throughout our practise.


It was great to have the opportunity to play against a coach using various skills.


We also had fun playing each other.


For many of us this was the first time we had played badminton.


Speed and Agility

This was a fast and furious session!

A coach demonstrated the different events and he certainly made it look easy! We then split into groups to underake the events, alternating at set intervals.



Turbo Touch

Luckily the weather stayed fine for turbo touch which looks at ball control around the game of rugby.

The coach first demonstrated the moves and techniques before we had a go ourselves.


After learning the basics we then split into two teams to play a game.


Some even managed to score!



The last event of the day was hockey.

It was important to learn to use our wrists to turn the stick in order to control the ball. The caoch was very supportive in improving this skill.

Our dedicated practise meant we had a go at 'dribbling' the ball across the pitch.

One of the highlights of the day was seeing a professional cyclist practising at the Velodrome. They were so fast that they had a moped to set the pace. This was awesome!


Everyone enjoyed the day and many new skills were learnt. It has certainly made us more aware of the forthcoming olympics and of new sports some of us may take up locally.