October 21st

Please do not feel under pressure to complete all of the homework if it impedes upon your family time- family time is so important . 

Mid-Term Homework - Class 3S

Dear Parents,

In addition to the Maths and Reading Sheets in your chld's Book Bag, there is an additional piece of Project homework.

I'm sure you are aware our project is all about our local area and looking after it. Please could your child complete a project about their local area. The project can be presented in any format. Please see below some ideas:-

  • A Journey stick- go on a journey in the local area and pick up examples of things passed en route e.g. leaves from a specific tree, berries from a bush etc. Attach these to a long twig in the order in which they were passed on the journey.
  • A Power Point presentation about where you live.
  • A painting of your favourite spot in your local area.
  • A scrapbook containing photos of geographical features in your area e.g. houses, park, shops etc

These are just a few ideas to help.

Have fun !

Mrs Smith