November 11th

Homework for this week is as follows:-

Go Shopping !

Go shopping with your parents and complete the follloowing challenges:-

  • Take £2 when you go shopping- look carefully, what could you buy? How much does yu shoping with your £2 total?
  • How much change will you get?
  • Look at your parents shopping receipt- choose 10 tems and write them out in pence only
  • When you arrive home, look at the shoping- what is the heaviest item?
  • Can you add the weight of 2 items?

This can be done orally with your child or written, it would be great to see some written evidence. I want to make Maths real, I want the children to see how much Maths is all around them every day, so we start here, with the theme of money.


Have fun !

Mrs Smith