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Training this year is on Tuesday 3.15-4.15pm

Updated Sunday 9th October 2011

The rugby tournament this Tuesday 11th October is at the Gleblands. We will be leaving school at 11.30am. Children will be issued with kit on Monday and should come to school ready to play. The squad will consist of all the YR6 children who play rugby.

A packed lunch should also be brought to school as well as clothes appropriate to the conditions.

I would anticipate that the finish will be around 3.30pm. Please make arrangements to collect your child from the venue. If you need to collect any younger children from school earlier in the afternoon that would be fine.

Please can you help with transport?


Updated Sunday 2nd October 2011

Congratulations to the team who played against Marshfield, a hard and fast game played in great spirit.

On Wednesday 5th October we will be welcoming Marshfield back to MPS to play against our YR5 team. Kick off at 2.30pm all welcome to watch. All the YR5 boys who have trained so far will play (Jai, Brooke and Will miss out as they played in the first game). Letters to follow.

Updated Friday 23rd September

Welcome to a new season of rugby at Mount Pleasant. Our first match will be against Glasllwch and Marshfield on Wednesday 28th September. We will play in a small round robin event. These games will take place at Mount Pleasant with the first game kicking off around 2.15pm (ish). All the YR6 children who train will play.

There are loads of YR5s which is great! I hope they keep coming along. During the course of the school year I will ask groups of 2/3 YR5 children to join the YR6s for games, to ensure that every YR5 gets an opportunity to play a rota is in place. All names of YR5 pupils that play will also appear here. As with every year, I will always give priority to YR6 to play as they are the seniors in our school.

YR5- during the week that YR6 go to Hilston Park I will try to get a YR5 only game against a local school.  


Rugby Fixtures and Results

Wednesday 28th Glasllwch/Marshfield @ home