Miss P Summer Term 2015



This term we will be busy revising the topics we have already covered. We will be revising the four operations and then fractions, decimals and percentages. 

We have been doing lots of problem solving activities, that the children have really enjoyed trying to solve. These have included magic squares, shape puzzles, word puzzles and also reasoning puzzles.

We have learnt a new word today - product - which means to multiply. So the product of 2 and 3 is not five , it would be 6 because 2 x 3 = 6. 

We have also recapped on the word difference- which means to subract.

We talked about the importance of looking at the questions carefully. Is it asking you to x / - or + ( or a combination ) ? It is asking you to tick or circle? Is it asking you show your workings ?

We are also looking at how to manage money. We have looked at a bank account and talked about issues asscoaited with banking, such as , mortgages, loans and debt. We are now going to look at managing a budget and making sure that our account doesn't go overdrawn. 

Below is an example bank statemet. We have now finished our work on budgeting. Please click the bank statement to find out more about managing your money from an early age.

If you would like to see some of the puzzles that we have been doing, or would like to print thses off for your children at home, please clikc this link http://www.statisticsonline.org/subtangent/30-maths-starters.pdf  


w/b 4.5.15

This week we have been completing our WAG tests. Everbody has worked very hard, so well done. I have not up-dated the webpage with anything new, as we have been so busy practising smaple papers and smaple reasoing papers. Next week we will be looking at profit and loss and having a go at buying and selling objects to try and make a profit. If you would like any more information about the WAG tests, please the picture below.


This is the gallery of some of the work that we have been doing this year. We have chosen the pieces that we are most proud of. Enjoy looking at them below.

w/b 1.6.15  and 8.6.15

I am sorry that I have not updated my page for a little while, we have been extremely busy!!

We have recently been revising topics ready for the Alfie tests, which take place this term.

We are continuing with this and also practising 'mock' Alfie tests as a class.

We have also been doing a little work on shape, specifically looking at nets of 3d shapes.


Nets are a pattern of 2d shapes that you cut and fold to make a 3d shape. Here is the net of a cube. Sometimes it is easy to see what 3D shape a net will make, other times you have to think really hard to imagine what 3D shape a net will make.

See these below and click the picture for more information!!

Nets are used all of the time in everyday life. Just in your kitchen alone, there will be tens of nets. Where ? In packaging! If you think of a cereal box ( a cuboid) and open out all of the sides, you are left with a net!

Click the picture below to watch the chuckle brothers learning about nets while building some flat-pack furniture, just like in IKEA!! You will also find other games and videos about how we use nets in everyday life.