May 5th

 This is this week's homework :-


We have been studying symmetry this week in between doing our National tests. The children loved this activity when we did it in school. Hopefully, weather permitting, we will continue to do lots of outdoor activities and outdoor Maths this term !

  1. Collect outdoor resources such as cones, leaves, twigs, daisies etc
  2. Make sure you collect two of everything.
  3. Plave a hoop or a paper plate in the garden. Alternatively you could use a drain cover or a paving stone. This is simply a shape that the pattern will be inside.
  4. Place a long twig across the middle of the area you have selected- this is the line of symmetry.
  5. Place the items collected on the selected shape so that they are symmetrical.

You can also do this with sweets:-

  1. Get a plate- paper or china.
  2. Place a knife across the centre of the plate, this is the line of symmetry.
  3. Place sweets on the plate so that both sides are symmetrical.

If anyone wishes to take some pictures of this to bring in to school, please do ! I love seeing examples of homework !Have fun and please make sure you enjoy family time together this weekend too.