May 12th

This week we have studied place value and also symmetry in school. We have started to think about decimal numbers and we have learnt that 1 tenth can be written as 0.1 and 2 tenths can be written as 0.2 etc. We have been playing a game called Ladders. Please could you play this with your children:-

Draw a ladder on a piece of paper with 4 rungs ( hence 5 or 6 gaps in between depending on if you count the top space/ the bottom space or both spaces). Draw a square next to the ladder - this is the bin. Call out numbers alternating between fractions ( tenths only ) and decimals ( tenths only ) for your child to write ANYWHERE on the ladder. The object of the game is for your child to write numbers so that they are in  ASCENDING order as you go up the ladder. You might call out, for example, 0.3........6 half.........0,2.........8 tenths......1 and 4 tenths....

When your child has filled the ladder they call out 'Ladders' and the game is over. Check they have the numbers on the ladder in ascending order by converting all of the numbers to decimals as you check each number.

If you wish to challenge your child, you might say 1 tenth more than a half.....2 tenths less than 0.7 etc

I would love to see some photos or even the ladders drawn in their Reading Journals!

Carry on counting !

Mrs Smith