Our Autumn term topic is 'Let's Celebrate!'.

Can you think of occasions that are celebrated or commemorated in your family?

Are there festivals or observances that you participate in: at home, in school, within a place of worhship or community?

We would love to hear more about it!

These questions are a great starting point for you to create your learning log homework.

You may create a fact file, scrap book, poster, memory box- anything you wish!

You will be asked to present your homework to the class during the week commencing Monday 6th November.

Learning log homework projects provide a great opportunity to develop skills in interactive, fun ways that are of interest to you. Developing skills in: literacy, numeracy, creativity and often ICT. Confidence also grows when you see how much other children are interested in your projects.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you create and present already!

Record the festivals and celebrations that are important to you on our pinboard. Would you like to know more about the traditions and symbolism? Post your questions to help us plan our learning throughout the topic.


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