June 23rd

Shape and Measures

This week there are 2 tasks should you choose to accept the mission:-


Look around the house or inthe shops and try to find 2 different 3d shapes. Write as many facts as you can about the shape. Use these words to help you- faces, vertices, edges, right angles, prism, When you have done this, carefully unpeel the shape and paint or decorate each face with a different coclour or pattern. You can write your facts inside the shape when you unpeel it !



Who can jump the furthest in your house and by how much?

We did this in school on Friday, so the children should be able to do this easily, You will need a tape measure. The aim is to measure accurately using a tape measure and to have fun of course !

  1. Draw a chalk line on the ground.
  2. Stand behing the line with your toes just on it. This is the starting line for you to do a standing jump.
  3. Jump as far as you can when you are ready. You are not allowed a run up.
  4. When you have jumped, stand still and your partner will draw a chalk line at the back of your heels on the ground. This is how far you jumped. 
  5. Use the tape measure and measure it.
  6. Repeat until each person has jumped 3 times each.

Repeat for as many people in your family as you can.Write down how far each person jumped in a table

Then, for each person who has jumped:-

  1. Calculate the total of their 3 jumps.
  2. Calculate the difference between the shortest and longest jump.
  3. Calculate the difference between your longest and their longest jump.

Most importantly, have fun !