July 7th

We have been using calendars to understand how they work this week, you will need a calendar to look at.

Please open the calendar to the month of Aufgust so that your cild can see August only. They are not allowed to turn the page to look at any other month whilst completing this task ! Try to answer these questions. The date refers to the day of the month such as Aust 2nd while the day refers to the days such as Monday, Tuesday etc.

  1. What is the last day in July?
  2. What is the first day in September? What date is the first Monday is September?
  3. What date was the last Friday in July?
  4. How many days does August have?
  5. how mant Mondays in August?
  6. How many full weeks in August?
  7. What date is two weeks after the first Wednesday in August
  8. What date is a week before the last Thursday in August?
  9. What day is August the 8th?
  10. What day is August the 21st?

Have fun and remember, any evidence in your reading Journals will be much appreciated !