January 20th

We have been working hard on our number bomds to 100 this week- this means being able to calcuate mentally sums that have 100 in them, for example:-

23 + ? = 100


? +  56 = 100


100 - ? = 26

Please watch this video for how we have taught this in school this week:


You can use sweets or counters for this homework. There is also a link to a game below too.

The Magicians Trick

Count out 100 counters/ sweets and lay them out on the table. Drag some towards you and ask your child to estimhow many you have taken without counting. This will revise their estimation skills. Then cover the ones you have taken with a tea towel or cloth and ask pupils to calculate how many yu have taken without looking. Pupils should count the sweets/counters they can see and then calculate how many are hidden mentally . Some children have been able to do this without having to resort to using a number line but some pupils have used number lines and bead strings to help them with this in school. If your child says they have used these resources in school, ask them to use a number line and jottings on  paper to help them. Their jottings should look like this:-

Say they have counted 45 sweets they can see.

45 50           Jump to the next tens umer, this is adding 5.

50                                100          Jump up to 100.  Pupils should know that if 5 + 5 = 10 then 50 ( 5 tens ) + 50 ( 4 tens ) = 100 beacuse 5 tens and 5 tens make 10 tens which is 100. 


Add these numbers together     5 + 50 = 55 so there should be 55 sweets that are hidden.

 To revise measuring skills, pupils could also use a 100cm length of ribbon, cover a portion of it and let pupils use another tape measure to measure the portion of the ribbon they can see and then calculate the portion that is unseen. they can then measure the unseen portion to check. Similarly, pupils can use coins for this activity, they are then revising counting money too. A multi-skilled activity that revises many skills!

For an interactive game to revise bonds to 100, try this:-


I would love to see some evidence, whether it be pictures or calculations and pupils can record using their Reading Journals, if they wish. A few pupils have excellent evidence of homework they have completed- well done!