January 13th


Please us a bag of coloured sweets such as Smarties or Skittles for this homework !

Place the sweets on a surface and ask pupils how many sweets is 1/3 ( a third)? 1/4 ( a qusrter)? 1/5 ( a fifth)? Ensure the total  number of sweets is divisible exactly by eith 3,4 or 5 for the above. Pupils have to calculate how many and then count the sweets to check they are correct.

Having practised this, pupils should be asked to calculate 2/3? 3/4? 2?5? 3/5? etc, ( Parents, please ensure there will be no Smarties left over/ no remainders, for example if asking pupils to calculate 3/5 please ensure there are a multiple of 5 sweets )

An extension question would be : what fraction of smarties are pink? red? yellow? etc

I would love to hear all about this activity in their Reading Journals, some pictures or even some calculations to show  they can do this !


Have fun!

Mrs Smith