Half Term Homework

This half term, we'd like everybody to have a go at creating their own dinosaur board game.  This can be as simple or as complex as they'd like to make it, although it does have to involve some mathematical content (eg throwing dice and moving that many places around the board).  We've played a very simple dinosaur bond game in class and discussed some ideas that the children could use.  Please could all board games be brought in on Monday 13th June - that's the second Monday back - as we're going to give everyone an opportunity to explain how their game is played and trial each one during that week.  Can't wait to see them!

Miss Medhurst




I can't believe that we're heading towards our final term this year!  The time has flown by.  We have a new topic for the Summer term which is....Dinosaurs!  Over the Easter break, we'd like everyone to do a little research into our new topic and to post a comment (and attach a picture if you're feeling clever!) on our new Dinosaur Topic Wall.  Don't forget that there's also a new Alfie Fun Test to complete as part of our Maths Friday homework (see our Alfie page link)  The more tests the children complete, the easier they'll find it to apply their knowledge and skills.



Our preparations for this year's school eisteddfod are well underway. The class have created amazing pieces of artwork in the style of Pete Fowler - and even the man himself was impressed!  We have a class of very talented artists!  We've also learnt a Welsh poem - Buwch Goch Gota and a Welsh song - Lliwiau.  I'm sure you'll all be very familiar with them by now!!

On our main page you'll find the 3d model project that we set anually - I can't wait to see the fantastic creations I know will be brought in.

We've also opened up an ICT option to Foundation Phase learners.  This year we'd like a personal profile presented in a Google Slide (very similar to PowerPoint).  Below is a picture link where you'll find an example of the language patterns that we use daily in class to talk about ourselves.  If anyone would like to enter this competition, just click on 'new slide' and add to the presentation. We don't expect learners to do this completely independently, but they will be able to use all the patterns that are on the template




Pob Lwc!!


Our new topic after the half term break will be 'Toys'.  We'd like the children to choose their favourite toy and either print out a photo or draw a picture in their Homework Books.  Underneath the photo/drawing we'd then like a detailed description of their toy using lots of adjectives (this term's focus) to describe the shape, size, colour and materials that the toy is made from.  Maybe they could also explain why it is their favourite toy.  Please could all the completed homework then be returned to school on the first Monday after half term.  We look forward to some great descriptions!

Don't forget they'll also be a new Topic Wall for any suggestions of the toys that they'd like to investigate during our Christmas term topic.