Here is a reminder of our homework routines.

Click on the headings below to access the relevant link on our web page. 


Children on the reading scheme should return their books to school on a Monday and throughout the week as directed.

Reading Journals are encouraged to ensure children comprehend the books they are reading, whether children are on the reading scheme or free readers.

Bug Club is available and books updated regularly or on request. Again, the comprehension element is important to develop childrens wider reading ability. 

See our Reading Page for more information. 



Weekly spellings are available online by clicking on the Spelling link on our home page or clicking here.

Children return their red spelling books to school every Friday to complete their spelling test and make a note of new spellings issued. All children are aware of their spelling group. 



All maths homework will be issued on a Friday.

Children are required to complete their Alfie test as set homework on a weekly basis. This is accessed via our Alfie page or through Google Classroom. 

Additional activities are available though our web page or Google Classroom to support additional learning at home.

Children have produced tutorials to demonstrate the methods they are using in their maths in school which will be useful to support discussion at home.  There are also examples of childrens work online to view the methods used in class. 

There is a page dedicated to learning multiplication tables. 

There are many links on our page to websites children are familiar with and use regularly in school.



There are a wealth of resources available on our website to support children in their learning at home. 

Many childern use Google Classroom to produce their own literacy homework. This is voluntary and not expected, although encouraged. 

There are Literacy Alfie Tests available via the Alfie web link. 


Google Classroom

Google Classroom is used to encourage collaborative working both in school and when continuing learning at home. Tasks are set to support childern in developing their ICT skills and applying these across the curriculum.

Children are thoroughly enjoying using Google Classroom to complete work at home. This is encouraged, although not mandatory.

Google Classroom is accessed by children using their Mount Pleasant  Primary School email login and the password they have set. 



Project work is a great way for children to extend their learning at home and develop their creativitiy and ICT skills across the curriculum, through Google Classroom. Opportunities are provided for children to present their project homework to the class. 

Project work is typically produced over a term and presented in the last week of term. However, if children wish to present their homework beforehand, this is fine.

Reminder: This half terms sustainability project to be completed and returned by Monday 2nd November (extended date) for presentations that week.