Your child will have a variety of homework, which may be topic related or related to our Literacy or Mathematics in school. Homework is issued every Friday and is to be returned by the following Friday. Thank you.

Each week the homework will be on a new tab at the right hand side of the screen after you have clicked on the Homework tab. Please don't think th is the only homework page, this is simply the first homework page.

Here is the homework that has been set for the children:-

Sept. 16th

Your child has brought home an A3 map of the World. please could you help them identify where three countries or places are, your child can then colour those places in three different colours and write the names of the places/countries. You may wish to select countries or places where you have relatives or where you have travelled. Next week in school, we will be using Google Earth to find the U.K. and then Wales and Rogerstone.

Have fun !

For nxt week's homework, please go to the right hand side of the screen and look for next week's date after you have clicked the homework page....