Each Friday the class will be issued with maths homework relating to what they have been learning in class that week. Homework is due in on the following Monday. As we approach the Spring maths tests, I will be setting up fortnightly ALFIE tests so that the class can practice at home.

During half term holidays the class may also  be given additional work relating to our current topic.

Homework 24th June

Please click here for this week's short ALFIE test.

Remember you get 5 house points for completing the test!


Homework for Summer Half Term 

Maths: Click here for an Alfie test based on data handling, which we have been covering this half term.

Topic: Next half term we are changing topics to look at The Romans. Can you do some research and put together a presentation (can be poster, powerpoint, however you want to present it) based on what you find out. Either post them on Google Classroom, email to Miss Dobbs or hand in on the first day back after half term.


Remember you get 5 house points for completing homework by Monday!


Could you please practice your 2,3,4,5,6 and 10 times tables. Here are some links to games that may help you:

Hit the Button practice multiplying and dividing

4 times tables game

Various times tables