Here is all the information you need to keep up to date with any homework given to the children. 

Friday 24th June

Alfie homework


Friday 17th June

At home, practise finding the difference between two times. 

We have been practising reading timetables in class, so try these Maths games and logic puzzles.

Time Logic Puzzles 

Firday 27th May

Alfie Homework

Google Classroom-  Roman half term homework. Log on to Google Classroom and once you have finished your homework press submit. 

(if you are experiencing problems, this link will tell you about the homework)





Friday 20thMay

Please can all children complete the   Alfie - Data Handling Homework. Thank you.  

Friday 13th May

Alfie Practise Homework

Friday 29th April

Please can all children copmlete the Alfie Homework Practise. It may also be useful to look at the maths games on the website to help with multiplication facts, number bonds etc in preparation for next week.  

Friday 15th April

Please can all children complete Alfie Homework to continue our hardwork in preparation for the National Tests in May. 


Friday 11th December

Following on from our 2 weeks of money, here is an Alfie practise to test your knowledge. Alfie test

Friday 4th December

Maths homework- When out shopping over the weekend I'd like you to write down the values of 10 items(of your choice). When you get home, create a table to round those values to the nearest 10p and £1 just as we did in school. Don't forget to include the original values as well.  Happy Shopping!! 

e.g.                                   nearest £1                  nearest 10p

Toothpaste £1.28             £1.00                            £1.30

Lego Ninjargo   £8.78     £9.00    £8.80


Friday 27th November

Have a look at these money games to prepare yourself for the next couple of weeks work on money.

Woodlands Junior


Friday 20th November

Maths homework sheet given out in book bags - subtracting 2 digit numbers using a numberline. 

Also, why not have a look at multiplying and dividing by 10 game as this is what we will be looking at next week. Muliplying and dividing Game 


Friday 13th November

Maths homework- play subtraction online games. There are some helpful links on our webpage!


Friday 2.11.15

Maths homework- adding 2 digit numbers on a numberline. 


October Half Term Homework

Maths- Alfie fun! 

Project on Google Classroom

This is for those who cannot access google classroom. The image will not go any bigger, if you zoom in you will be able to read the text (ctrl and +) 


Whilst this page does highlight the homework that has been set. Please feel free to encourage your child to complete independent homework activities and send them into me so I can see what you have been up to!!