We'd like to give you an insight into some of the activities that take place in 1M.  Click on the links below to see what we do from week to week.


Day one - settling in our carpet spaces and discussing our class rules on the yard! Click on the link to see how we got on!



The children have been making their own class rules and regulations this week and have promised to look after their pens and pencils.  Take a look at this...



1M had a ball skills taster session with Mr Lock on Friday.  He'll be running two after school clubs for Infants, football and multiskills, during this Autumn term.  Take a look at the children enjoying themselves out in the September sun!


1M are working on their balance and control.  Take a look at our pictures from this week's PE session where we used bean bags in various ways...



Not only are we fantastic at writing and reading in English but our Welsh language skills are great too.  Click on the link to see our Welsh poems and to hear us reading them out loud.



Take a look at how we've been developing our understanding of tens and units...



To wake our brains up when we arrive in the mornings, we complete Early Morning Activities.  Take a look at some of the literacy EMA's we've done.



Tale a look at the children's fantastic Stick Man story. They came up with all the ideas by themselves and told me what to write - with just a little bit of help with Stick Man's rhyme.