Foundation Phase Story-sacks

Foundation Phase Story-sacks

Mount Pleasant has a set of 31 Foundation Phase Story-sacks, which we aim to send home with each Foundation Phase class once every half term.

Each sack contains a number of different items including a story book, a non fiction book, plush toys/ dolls/ puppets, role play items, CDs, creative materials, activity sheets and outdoor activities. The activities are aimed at reception through to year 2 - so not all of the activities are suitable for all age groups. 

Also included in the sacks are suggestions for iPad apps relevant to each sack. The iPads are used a lot with in our classrooms so we felt it was an important element to include in the story-sacks. We have done what we can to find free apps where possible - but we are also keen to hear about the apps you use at home.  If you use a different device (eg Android), please let us know if there are other apps you use that we can include on this page.

Each sack contains a contents sheet, please let us know on return if there are any parts missing.

Each sack also contains an evaluation sheet booklet for parents/ carers to complete. We read every sheet that come back and value your comments and input.

Based on feedback from parents we are extending the loan time from a weekend to a week.

We would love to see any work you do relating to the story-sacks, or photos of you using the items in the sack or even video clips of you acting out the story! Please bring them in to school and give them to Mrs Jones in 2D or email them to and we will add them to this page for everyone to see!

We hope you enjoy using the sacks- any comments or questions please let us know.

Parent/ Guardian Comments:

"The new packs are much better than the old story sacks and more up to date."

"It was a really imaginative way to get our child excited about homework!"

"We wanted to keep it forever it was that good!"

"Good for creativity as well as learning."

"Very good idea, pack deffinately creates excitement in the house, a good way of learning new things."

"We'd really like to have story sacks more often!"

"We enjoyed the puppets!  We had lots of fun retelling, puppet shows and making up stories with them."

"Thoroughly enjoyed role playing the story - excellent resource for developing story sequencing and beginning to think about the emotion of the characters - would've liked to keep for a bit longer!"

"Very good way of introducing learning through play."

"The iPad apps were great fun."

"Whole family enjoyed the story sack."

"We couldn't wait to get home and play!  We're looking forward to having another one soon."