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At Mount Pleasant Primary School we are committed to encouraging our pupils to lead active and healthy lifestyles. We believe that healthy children are best able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities that the school provides.  The partnership of home and school is critical in shaping how children and young people behave, particularly where health is concerned. 

At Mount Pleasant Primary School we encourage a whole school community approach to food and fitness.  The head teacher, staff and governing body will do their best to ensure that food provided in the school and advice given to pupils promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

We are committed to providing high quality PE lessons and health related exercise and work in partnership with PESS, Dragon Sports and other Community Sports organisations.     

The National Assembly for Wales is determined to help secure, maintain and improve the health of young people with the introduction of minimum nutritional standards for school meals and by improving the range and quality of opportunities for physical activity available to pupils. 




  • To improve the health of the whole school community by equipping pupils with ways to establish and maintain life-long active lifestyles and healthy eating habits.
  • To ensure that food and nutrition and physical activity become integral to the overall value system of the school and a common thread of best practice runs through the curriculum, the school environment and community links.
  • To develop a whole school approach to food and fitness through a policy that offers a shared vision, coherence in planning and development, and consistency in the delivery of services, curriculum messages and the supporting environment. It facilitates discussion, encourages wide engagement of stakeholders and establishes belief and ownership in the aims and objectives it aspires to.
  • To ensure that we are giving our children the information they need and consistent messages about food, fitness and healthy lifestyles.


Objectives of the School's Food and Fitness Policy


Ethos/A Whole School Approach


  • To recognise the significant impact of the informal curriculum on the personal, social and emotional education of pupils as well as their physical health and well-being.
  • To understand and maximise opportunities for personal, social and educational development through a whole school approach to food and fitness activities.
  • To promote pupil participation and decision making in all aspects of food and fitness activities.
  • To ensure that all activities related to food and fitness provided for pupils throughout the day are consistent with curriculum guidance and Welsh Assembly Government regulations.
  • To work in partnership with School Meals Providers to ensure that consistent messages about nutritional standards and healthy lifestyles are given to our pupils.




The school will review the delivery of the curriculum to ensure that it offers pupils:


  • An understanding of the relationship between food, physical activity and the short and long-term health benefits.
  • The acquisition of basic skills in purchasing, preparing and cooking food and an understanding of basic food hygiene.
  • Opportunities to examine the influences of food choices, including the effects of the media through advertising, marketing, labelling and packaging of food.
  • Consistent and clear delivery of the key messages for good oral health.
  • Opportunities to learn about the growing and farming of food and its impact on the environment both in the classroom and outside in the countryside.
  • A well planned programme of study in PE that makes good opportunities for cross-curricular promotion of physical activities and its relationship to diet and nutrition.
  • A broad range of extra curricular activities which could include physical activities and practical cooking skills based on the Balance of Good Health.




The pastoral care and welfare of the pupils will be enhanced by the provision of a range of safe, stimulating sport and recreational activities and a healthy balanced diet.  The school will:


  • Acknowledge that effective management of pupils is important at all times throughout the school day and so will plan and resource the supervision of pupils accordingly.
  • Recognise the importance of the involvement of school meals providers, catering staff and lunchtime supervisors in planning the lunchtime provision, making healthy choices and linking with activities available to pupils.



  • Offer a broad range of safe, stimulating indoor and outdoor sports, play and recreational activities.

The school will take a 'whole school/whole day' approach to the provision of food. We will provide in partnership:


  • Healthy, nutritious, affordable and attractively presented meals as described in Appetite for Life.
  • Healthy snacks at break times will be encouraged / Only fruit snacks at break times will be allowed.
  • An enjoyable eating experience in a quality environment.
  • Encouragement for parents to provide healthy lunch boxes.
  • Fresh water, available to all staff and pupils, where water bottles are allowed these will be clear and labelled with the pupils' name. The parents will be responsible for hygiene of the bottles.
  • Display materials within and around the dining area that promote the positive relationship between food and physical activity.
  • Engagement with pupils where appropriate, in consultation on healthy food and fitness activities through vehicles such as School Councils.
  • Procurement and menu planning that recognise the importance of purchasing locally, seasonality, and environmental sustainability.


*Crisps and confectionary will not be sold / consumed in school

*Water, milk and pure fruit juice will be the only drinks brought into school.


The school will not advertise branded food and drink products on school premises, school equipment or books, and will ensure that any collaboration with business does not require endorsement of brands or specific company products high in fat, sugar or salt. 


The school will review and develop a programme of opportunities within food and physical activities to complement and extend those offered in curriculum time.  We will aim to provide:


  • A broad range of safe, stimulating indoor and outdoor play and recreational facilities which incorporates healthy active lifestyle activities and the inclusion of Dragon Sport clubs in primary schools.
  • Safe equipment and facilities available for recreational use and ensure high levels of maintenance.
  • Eye-catching displays around the public areas of the school promoting opportunities for sport and physical recreation e.g. the Welsh Assembly Government's free swimming.
  • Secure storage for cycles and safety equipment.
  • A School Travel Plan including Safe Routes to Schools through liaison with the Local Authority.
  • Encouragement for pupils to walk or cycle to school.



Within its broad purpose of 'education for life', the school will seek to:


  • Raise awareness of, and promote, the activities and policy of the school around food and fitness in partnership with key community and health agencies.
  • Encourage the provision of healthy food and snacks from home through the curriculum, by giving information to parents, and in partnership with key community and health agencies.
  • Provide pupils with information about and experience of, the opportunities and resources available in the community relating to food and nutrition, physical activity and sport.


Roles and responsibilities

The Head Teacher will ensure that:

  • The Catering service conforms to current Nutritional Standards for School Lunches.
  • Agreed standards for free school meals are implemented.
  • Content, cost and provision of meals are monitored.
  • Special dietary needs of children and staff are catered for.
  • All pupils have access to a balanced programme of physical activity throughout the school year.

The Governing Body will ensure that:

  • The Catering services conform to standards as laid down in current Nutritional Standards for School Lunches.
  • Establish standards for free school meals.
  • That the school is delivering a broad and balanced programme of physical activity to all pupils.


All staff are expected to promote healthy eating and active lifestyles in accordance with school guidance. We will help and encourage children to select balanced food choices at lunchtimes and promote opportunities for them to be physically active during the school day.


Implementation and Monitoring

  • The governing body will take responsibility for the Food and Fitness policy and will nominate a link governor if appropriate.
  • SLT will include any development points as part of the school improvement plan to address gaps and improve current issues around food and fitness.
  • SLT will ensure that there is adequate training and resources for staff involved in the delivery of the aims and objectives of the school's Food and Fitness Policy.
  • SLT will take advantage of the existing national and local initiatives and resources relating to food and physical activity. (Appendix 1)
  • Progress will be monitored at regular intervals by SLT and governors.
  • Updates on school food and fitness actions will be included in the Annual Report to Parents.

Equal Opportunities

Mount Pleasant Primary School is committed to equality, including racial equality, for all members of the school community.  The school promotes a positive and proactive approach to valuing and respecting diversity, and will not tolerate racial harassment of any kind.   Mount Pleasant is committed to providing a curriculum and environment  that challenges and extends the learning and opportunities for more able and talented pupils.


Ratified: 05-03-08

Review Date 03-11

                                                                                                                                     Appendix 1


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