February 11th


These questions are a challenge task for pupils who feel confident to attempt them:-


  1. What time is ten minutes later than half past two?
  2. I put a cake in the oven at ten past four and it must cook for 35 mins. When should I take it out?
  3. I have tead at quarter to six and Coronation Street is on at half past seve. how long must I wait?
  4. I arrive at the bus stop at twenty past 11 and the bus arrives at quarter to twelve. How long have I waited?
  5. I started a Marathon at ten to 3 and it took 50 minutes to complete. What time did I finish it?
  6. What is twenty mins earlier than quarter to five?
  7. What is half an hour later than  25 to 7?
  8. How long is a school day?
  9. If  assembly starts at ten past 9 and finishes at half past 9, how long is assembly?


The easier option, for pupils who need to consolidate their  skills, is to play the game below. Follow the link to access the game.



Please follow this link to access the test. You will need a laptop or a computer as the test will not always work on a pad or tablet, I'm told.



I understand ALFIE tests have been difficult to access. I have taken advice and 'fiddled' with the link to try and improve it. II can access the links on my laptop at home but, please do not worry if you cannot access them.


iI have started giving slightly harder comprehension questions as homework. Please do not feel you have to slog away at them all weekend. The weekend is precious family time and I would hate to think anyone is working and going without their family time. Please do as much or as little as your time allows and make sure you all enjoy making memories as a family !

Have fun !

Mrs Smith