Mount Pleasant Primary School

Fairtrade Action Plan 2010-11




How to achieve objective 


Possible Cost Implication


Proposed Achievement Date


To devise a whole school Fairtrade Policy


  • Collate ideas from other schools' Fairtrade Policies.
  • Devise own Policy.
  • Circulate to Governors for approval.




Oct 2010


To set up a school Fairtrade Steering Group



  • Hold a class vote to elect four Y5 and four Y6 pupils.  (BB)
  • Arrange half termly meetings to discuss and organise any forthcoming events.




Oct 2010

To educate pupils within school about the importance of Fairtrade.


  • To hold a whole school assembly to be delivered to pupils to promote Fairtrade.
  • Displays put up in and around school highlighting the importance of Fairtrade.
  • To organise class visits to discuss Fairtrade and complete questionnaires and quizzes.
  • To liaise with Mr Rothwell and Mr Hills regarding the possibility of incorporating Fairtrade topics into schemes of work including Literacy and PSHE.

Cost of Fairtrade products to display and taste-test during the assemblies.









Assembly arranged for Oct 2010. Ongoing awareness assemblies.







May 2011

To educate and promote Fairtrade within school and the local community through fundraising events such as:

Cake Stalls

Multi Cultural Weeks

Fair Trade Fortnight

Make films highlighting fair trade


  • Contact local Fairtrade suppliers regarding sponsorship.
  • Liaise with school staff regarding donations for a Fairtrade Christmas Raffle.
  • Organise Fairtrade events. 


Postage costs







Exact cost implications unknown.


April 2011



October 2010




Summer Term 2010

Apply for Fairtrade Status

  • Mr Rothwell to submit information to website


May 2011

Review action plan

  • Mr Rothwell and the school Fairtrade steering group to discuss the legacy of Fairtrade in the school. How to keep moving forward


June 2011


Fairtrade Links

020 7405 5942 (London)
All you need to know about Fairtrade, plus teaching resources,
lesson and assembly ideas, photos of farmers,
case studies of producers, video,
board game, powerpoints.

Action Aid
Excellent resources and teacher packs especially the Chembakolli - Life and
Change in an Indian Village - tea party, videos, posters.



Romero Close, London, SW9 9TY 020 7733 7900
Primary Schools
Secondary Schools
Fairtrade resources, lesson & assembly resources, whiteboard activity,
powerpoint presentation. Also great information about Trade Justice,
Make Poverty History- the wider global issues.
Teacher packs, videos games, petitions, campaign materials,
writing to MPs/companies.

Christian Aid
Great teaching resources for the wider global issues. Lesson plans,
activity sheets, childrens pages with online game. Similar to the Cafod website.

Comic Relief

5th Floor, 89 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TP 020 7850 5555
Database of images, videos, audio, interactive whiteboard, documents.
Comic Relief's Fairtrade Chocolate, Dubble:
(Great fun for children - log on and become a
double agent! Its all about Fairtrade chocolate.) Database of images,
videos, audio, interactive whiteboard, documents.

 The Co-operative Group

0800 068 6727 Teaching and resource pack for primary schools (KS2).
The pack includes lots of classroom activities specially designed to introduce
Fairtrade to KS2 students. For more information see

 Global Dimension
Wide range of classroom resources on Fairtrade and related themes for all age groups.

International Cocoa Organisation
Trade Section as part of A-Z guide.

Labour Behind the Label
Great website especially for secondary. Looks at working conditions
of clothes makers for our fashion industry. Campaign postcards for
High Street shops, posters of trainers etc.

Make Poverty History
Trade justice campaign materials.


01202 715 933
Online resources,
curriculum ideas, books, videos, posters and games.
Trade Justice campaign for 6th form students.

Free pack containing posters, DVD-ROM,
lesson plans, assemblies.
Downloadable poetry book. Based around
Millennium Development Goals.

Send My Friend
The website contains lesson plans to help you explore
why many children are
missing out on an education and steps for making buddies.

Trade Justice Movement


Kingsway, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, NE11 0NE 0191 491 0591
Assemblies, lesson plans, images, primary reference materials, games, curriculum links.

Videos, information packs, teaching aids, games.