Our preparations for this year's school eisteddfod are well underway. The class have created amazing pieces of artwork in the style of Pete Fowler.  Our Foundation Phase are very talented artists!  We've also learnt a Welsh poem - Buwch Goch Gota and a Welsh song - Lliwiau.  I'm sure you'll all be very familiar with them by now!!

On our main page you'll find the 3d model project that we set anually - We can't wait to see the fantastic creations I know will be brought in.

We've also opened up an ICT option to Foundation Phase learners.  This year we'd like a personal profile presented in a Google Slide (very similar to PowerPoint).  Below is a picture link where you'll find an example of the language patterns that we use daily in class to talk about ourselves.  If anyone would like to enter this competition, just click on 'new slide' and add to the presentation. We don't expect learners to do this completely independently, but they will be able to use all the patterns that are on the template.


Welsh Anthem