December 2nd

This week the pupils who receive their Maths lessons from Mrs Black and Mrs Wagstaff have received a paper copy of their homework, they have to measure objects on the page with a ruler, in centimetres.

Pupils receiving Maths lessons from Mrs Smith, please find your homework below. We have been learning to read a thermometer and we have been learning about temperature, please use that knowledge to answer the questions below !


  1. The temperature is 3 degrees celsius and it rises by 5 degrees. What is the new temperature?
  2. The temperature is 5 degrees and it drops by 1 degree, what is the new temperature?
  3. If the temperature has risen by 10 degrees to 13 degrees celsius, what was the temperature?
  4. It is 6 degrees celsius, the temperature rises by 4 degrees and then drops by 8 degrees, what  is the temperature?
  5. If you have a thermometer in your house, keep a record of the temperature inside your house and outside your house on both Saturday and Sunday.
  6. With your thermometer, put it into a glass of cold squash and read the thermometer. What emperature is it?
  7. Put your thermometer into your bath water and read the temperature. What temperature is it? Challenge


Click in this link and try the questions. If the link does not work simpley type it in.

Have fun!

#Makemaths real