Mount Pleasant Primary & Rogerstone Community Council Announce Joint Commemoration Project




School Council were invited to work alongside Rogerstone Community Council in introducing a competition to design a commemorate in aid of the historic visit by Prime Minister David Cameron and President Barack Obama to Mount Pleasant Primary as part of the NATO Summit proceedings in Septermber 2014.

School Council orgainised a great competition for all children and judged initial interest and ideas during their Pupil Voice Day whereby the focus was 'Listening to Learners'.

The competition was announced via the use of Google Classroom and also accessed via the School Council Web Page.

School Council concluded that there was an excitement around the project and many great ideas that could be developed. The decision was made to invite local charities, groups and businesses to also be part of the project, as it would be a legacy for the whole community, beyond the time when the current pupils would leave Mount Pleasant Primary.

Their first task was to research possible contacts and children were excited to find that Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre was local to us and ran Artists in Residence schemes in schools.

The Charity agreed to support the project and both Mount Pleasant Primary and Rogerstone Community Council are excited at the prospect of the project coming to fruition.

Keep up to date with the project via our website.

If this sounds like a project you would like to be part of, please let us know, we would he happy to hear from you.

You may send us an email at or leave a message via our online Guestbook or send us a tweet @MP_Primary