Code Club Competitions

In Code Club, we like to test our skills and work together on competitions in school, across the UK and worldwide!


We have recently received our certificate from European Coding Week for the second year running.

We have also just submitted work to the DVLA Coding Competition, as well as entering a Welsh poetry competition with Aberystwyth University during July 2018.

In the summer term, coders at Mount Pleasant were part of a world record coding attempt, run by Code Club Australia, to mark the moon landing anniversary.


Mrs Jones is always on the look out for competitions and activities we can participate in.  If you come across any (or if you have work you want to share with me!) you can email me at


Current Competitions

Mount Pleasant Coding Competition November/ December - Create a short animation of (at least) two sprites telling Christmas jokes.  You can choose the jokes and you can use as many as you want to! (Google Christmas cracker jokes if you need some inspiration!) Winner will be announced at the end of term.  Good luck coders!


Please click the link above to view our Code Club Competition entries!