Class Rules and Consequences


On our first day in Year 1, we all got together to work out the rules we needed to ensure that we had a happy classroom that was conducive to learning.  The children wrote down (with a little help) all the things that they believed would help them achieve their goal of being the best class in the school.  We read through their ideas and put together a class charter which is displayed in our classroom.  The chlidren then made a 1M promise (very similar to Rainbow and Beaver promises...) to do their very best to keep these rules.  We also agreed that everyone has a choice, and some children may choose not to keep these rules.  However this would make an unhappy classroom where learning would be difficult.  We all agreed that if anyone made the choice to disregard the rules, then they would have to face the consequences.

On the way into the classroom our 'Behaviour Choices' chart is displayed so that children can remember to make the right choices as they enter the classroom.  Each child has their name on a peg, and at the beginning of every day, all names are pegged onto the 'ready to learn' sign.  Depending on their behaviour choices, children can go up or down the chart - jumping up to 'excellent effort', 'role model' and 'super star' or down to 'make better choices', 'teacher's choice', and finally 'parent contact'.

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If you have any questions about our class behaviour policy, please don't hesitate to come and see me.

It's always difficult after the summer holidays for some children to remember that they have to conform to class and school rules, but I try to ensure that they know it's their own choice and they do seem to enjoy seeing their pegs moving in the right direction.

1M are a fantastic class and I'm sure that the superstar level may soon be covered in 31 pegs!