Class News

Friday July 7th

This time of year is always busy, we have been looking at calendars and time in school . whilst singing our song for the extravaganza next week. The children are so looking forward to it, the boys are loving the song we have chosen and we put actions to it last week also. The children chose the song and have helped choreograph the dance moves, you will be in for a taet next week !

We are writing an adventure story as part of our Literacy, this will be the childrens last piece of extended writing this year. We have continued to learn about different adventurers.

Next week continues to be just as busy in school, there's the Bake Off to look forward to and we will ben studying the work of the artist Scarpace.

This will be the final blog, there will be no more homework on the homework page and no more weekly dairies such as this, since the end of the year is approaching.

Finally, on a personal note, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed working with your amazing children this year. They have made me laugh and smile so much, they are truly wonderful and I know they will go on to be just as amazing next year !

Many thanks for all your support and hard work too, parents, your children are so very lucky to have such amazing parents.

Enjoy your Summer holidays and try to rest.

Mrs Smith

Friday June 9th

What a week of rain! The children were so disappointed that we couldn't hold the fun run but ket's cross our fingers that next Friday will be brighter !

We have been dealing with remainders in maths and many children have found this difficult this week, hence the homework ! they have found it difficult knowing when to round their answers for example:-

If a bus holds 30 pupils and there are 152 pupils, how many buses are needed?

150 divided by 30= 5 r 2 but we cannot leave pupils behind so 6 buses are needed.


If an egg box holds 6 eggs and there are 34 eggs, how many boxes are full?

34 divided by 6 = 5r4    5 boxes are full.

We have been very busy setting up our company this week and so much of our learning has been around this. The pupils have thought of a company name 'Cracking Crackers and Cool Canvases' that is short, snappy and alliterative. We are selling limited edition canvases and hapy crackers ( thanks to Millie for the great idea). We have  designed our logo and applied for jobs within the company. The pupils will receive letters confirming their job titles shortly. We have worked in teams to meet team targets. The children are doing so well ! We have also completed our ALFIE tests this week.

Happy Birthday to Hannah, I know you will have fun at your disco. I know Gethin had a fantastic birthday ! I also hopre Jacob gets better soon and Faith has enjoyed her time on holiday. Well done to Grace for your hard-earned reward.

Please could parents send the monies in to buy their exclusive, limited edition canvases as soon as possible? Also, thank you for your support in volunteering to come in to talk to the children about the world of work.

Please do look at the Homework page for details of this weeks homework.

Enjoy the sun-for as long as it lasts !

Mrs Smith


Friday May 12th

Congratulations to Lucy and also Isabells this week for earning a Gold Award and for earning a fountain pen !  I have more pens to award so please children, remember your very best handwriting at all times ! It has been a great week in school, particularly for Brayden, Mason and Finley- you, in particular have worked hard- keep this up !

We have used the computers a lot this week, adding to our databases, researching water animals and also explorers. We had a great PE lesson on Monday- using the outdoors to create a picture or pattern. Basketball was fun yesterday too, the boys are so competitive ! Have a great time at your basketball party, Will ! We have also been adding to our Powerpoints about famous explorers and we went out to behave like scientists exploring a new environment- we investigated the types of habitats in the newly discovered environment!

Have a lovey weekend, making family memories, Let's hope he sun shines !

Mrs Smith

Friday, May 5th

Firstly, many thanks to Mrs Edwards who pointed out that the spellings were not on the website, I hope you have since found them.

Well, what a week it has been ! The children have displayed a brilliant atttude towards their National tests and I am sure they will do well. They have worke so hard all year, but please remember these tests do not show what wonderful children you have. I love going to school every day and it is because they are so kind, thoughtful and hard working, their attitude does them proud.

We have studied symmetry this week and this can be re-inforced by doing the homework set on the homework page of the website. We have also started to think about Explorers and Adventurers as this is our topic this term. We have used the Chromebooks a lot to resesarch water animals and we have added records to our class database.

Sport's Day will be here soon, so please keep fit and be healthy ! Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Smith

Friday April 7th

Hello and thank you for your patience in bearing with me through quite a difficult time ! My mum is getting a little better and I am now back on track.

Well, what a few weeks it's been......

The children have worked really hard on so many things. In Maths we began a mini topic called 'It's My Party' which enabled the pupils to apply their maths skills in context. For example they used the skills of area and perimeter to arrange tables at a party. they investigated handshakes at a party. Pupils also solved time problems and solved the maMagician's tricks as well as costing some food for the party. More recently, the pupils have been solving 'box sums'

e.g. 31 +  box = 50 - 19

Some pupils started a little bit of algebra and used x rather than a box ! Some pupils are still a ittle unsure of mentally adding and subtracting and they forget to check their answers using a number line. Revision of written addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and time would be time well spent if your child needs something to occupy them !

The reading tests are approaching fast therefore please read as much as you can with your child.

In English we have focussed upon making notes and we have covered a poetry unit of work which the pupils really enjoyed ! the emphasis was upon poetry for performance and the children produced some fabulous poems.

Pupils have also set their own targets in Maths and Literacy.

The trip to the museum was great and our Roman Day was such a hit- the pupils loved it, thank you for your support ! Without your support, it would not have been so good. the children did such a lot that day, they made mosaica and jewellery, they played Roman numeral bingo anf played traditional Roman games, After lunch they marhed and did drills like a Roman soldier, enjoyed a banquet and a fashion show and also learnt a Roman song !  I have many many pictures of the Roman Day which I will try to put on the website shortly.

Enjoy family time together over the holiday and please read, read, read if you can ! There are several homeworks set on the homework page so please follow the links and, if you have time, please could your child complete the homework.

Thank you, have fun,

Mrs Smith

Friday March 3rd

I am glad George had a fabulous birthday during the holidays and I hope Lily had an equally amazing time jumping around on her nirthday. Your cake was delicious Lily ! Well doen this week to Brayden on earning a certificate for a prompt start every morning and well done to Ridha and Alfie who are really trying hard to earn their pen licenses.

Well done also to the whole class for their class Welsh poem, which they performed brilliantly during the Eisteddfod on Wednesday.

What have we been up to this week? Well......

In Maths lessons we were multiplying  a TU number by a U number using the gid method. For those who are unfamiliar with this method plaese attend the Maths Part 2 Meeting on March 16th in the school hall. In essence it involves partitioning the TU number into Tens and Units so 15 would be 10 and 5 and then multiplying each of these by the Unit number. The unit number is a times table the pupils have studied in class before Christmas so it will be one of the following:- 2,3,4,5,6.


 48 x 4 would involve a grid whereby pupils multiply 10 x 4 and then 4 x 4 and then pupils add the answers. For this reason, we studied addition in class before half term. Some pupils are trying to use a method that some parents may have taught them but  forgotten how and because they have learnt the method by rote they do not know what to do when they are stuck.

Inliiteracywe have stsrted to look at the book Billionaire Boy and we have studied the characters in it. We have written conclusions to our Science experiment and we have written biographies and news reports about Boudicca.

I have been having a little nag about Reading Journals this week, they are a really important tool for pupils to evaluate their reading and for me to see what they have understood from their reading. Similarly, the Alfie tests are really good practise for pupils and consolidate their learning, they also give feedback to parents so that you can see how your child is progressing and what they have learnt in school. Please feel free to support them with their learning at home if they are finding the Alfie tests hard. Thank you.

I hope you are all having fun together as a family.

Mrs Smith

Friday 17th February

Firstly, a huge thanks to James' mum for those lovely blue pens ! I hope the girls- Amelie, Millie etc had fun eating cake at the restaurant earlier in the week, they were really looking forward to it and could think of nothing else. How grown up girls ! I hope Hannah has a lovely time riding her bike this week, she was looking forward to it so much on Friday !

A HUGE well done to the pupils who improved their PM reading levels this half term, you worked hard and it was thoroughly well deserved !  Well done to George for working hard at his handwriting ! Another well done to the children who have completed ALFIE tests which have been set. Miss Rutledge also saw some Reading Journals last week and boy, was she impressed - congratul\tions !

We have been working hard at addition in Maths this week. This is a tricky one ! If parents have taught their children to add ' the old fashioned way'  ( whch, by the way, there is nothing wrong with) namely, adding the units, carrying if needed and then adding the tens column, then pupils do NOT need to learn addition the way we have done in school this week as it will confuse them. There is a forthcoming Maths evening on Written Methods which will cover how addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are taught in school. At the end of topics taught there is a link to an ALFIE test on the Homework page and this is excellent practise for your child and will also allow both you and I to measure progress.

As part of our English, we have been learning to use strategies to persuade, using opinions, descriptive language, rhetorical questions, similes and alliteration. We write a letter to the Twits to persuade them to tidy up their garden !

We also learned to use Excel to produce a line graph and the children have studied the artwork of Martyn Evans and produced an amazing peice of class art which will shortly be hung in the corridor of the new-build ! We had visitors to schooll last week and they watched the children in a Mtahs lesson they were so inpreseed with their Mathematics and also their behaviour- well done class 3S !

There are two ALFIE tests for homework over half term, but family time is also important so please have fun and relax together !

Mrs Smith

Friday, 10th February

I hope Alfie gets better soon ! Congratulations to all those pupils who have been  benchmarked and improved- well done ! A huge well dne to Sophie- all that reading at home has paid off !

We have continued with telling the time this week. Many pupils have the target: to be able to answer ' How many more/less...?' and ' What is the difference between...?' questions so if there is any opportunity to ask questions such as these, please do !

We have written a new chapter for the Twits and we have been learning to upsill sentences using adverb sentence openers e.g.

Gently, Mr Twit released the net.


We have also fcussed upon writing 2AD sentences such as these:-

Mr Twit placed his grubby, broken glasses upon his wrinkled, spotty nose.

You will note the use of 2 pairs of adjectives inserted in 2 places within the sentence, before the nouns in the sentence.

In Science, we have been learning to use Excel to draw a temperature graph for us and we have amended our databases as part of our ICT lesson. We have also been learning about the dangers of giving other eople our personal information . The children have also studied Boudicca and have been considering the evidence- what does the evidence tell us about her?

Have a good weekend, full of fun, despite the weather !

Mrs Smith

Friday 4th February

Happy Birthday to Brandon, I hope he enjoyed his sleepover ! I also hope Mason and Alfie enjoyed their camping trip with Beavers. Well done to Amelie on earning an award this week, it was well deserved.

This week we have been learning to use commas in lists and continuing with learning to use adverbs to improve sentences. We have completed comprehension exercises and some have struggles to complete these in an hour. In Maths we have started to learn to tell the time and we have also been finding the difference to £10.00 (This has been a lengthy process for some pupils, it relies upon them knowing their bonds to 1000, which we completed last week. We researched the omans and we continued our soup investigaion. Some pupils prouced excellent work when applying their Maths skills to their Science work. The children also enjoyed using our Chromebooks to produce a class database.

Thank you to the many pupils who returned their Reading Journals this week, keep this up please!

I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend before the wet weater visits us !

Mrs Smith


Friday, January 27th

Hello ! I hope Lucy and Faith are well soon and rest this weekend. I also hope the boys- Alfie and Brayden have a good sleepover- not too many sweets boys ! I was pleased to hear of Jacob's party, he did enjoy his celebrations. Also  congratulations to Gabrielle on becoming a big sister !

We have, as  always, worked hard this week. The children really enjoyed pretending to be Celt warriors and Roman soldiers this week and all were able to tell me the differences between them and how they fought ! We used our Maths skills and completed a Venn diagram to compare the equipment of a Celt and a Roman solder. We planned a Science investigation to help Miss Rutledge this week too. Miss Rutledge is so sad, she is wasting away due to the fact that her soup is getting cold at lunchtime, as a result she is going without lunch. Never fear, Class 3S is here to save the day ! We ae investigating which material will keep the soup hot and will act as a thermal insulator. The children loved using the equipment in PE this week and they are thorughly enjoying learning to play hockey too. We are trialling a new initiative- moving for ten minutes, at the start of PE lessons; as a warm up, we have been walking or jogging for ten minutes. the children also enjoyed designing Roman shields this week. As part of their half term homework, pupils will be asked to make a Roman shield, if they wish. I hope to present a Roman assembly to  parent at some point nearer Easter.

Thank you so much to the parents and pupils who have returned their Reading Journals- complete with homework- this week. I have been so pleased to read some of the comments in pupil's Reading Diaries, it is great to know that parents are enjoying reading and discussing books with their children. 


In Literacy, we ahve started to look at making our sentences better using conjunctions- and, so, but, because- to connect two clauses and also using adverbs and adjectives.

e.g. The polar bear got into the boat. He slipped. 

It would be a better sentence if it read:

The polar bear clumsily got into the old boat but he slipped.

There is an amazing website called POBBLE365 which will help with both reading and writing skills. Please visit this website if you would like to help your child with their writing and reading. It publishes a picture and activities related to it DAILY. 

I have been asked about the National tests forthcoming in May. Mrs Grant will send a tweet out next week and will also put webste details of how you can access some practise tests, you will then be able to see what is expected from a typical Year 3 child. The reading test does require pupils to read fluently and at a good speed, but with good comprehension fo what they read also. It is important you spend time enjoying family time together, hence my homeworks are often real life activities or practical activities that parents can do with their child and it is a lovely experience to sit and share a book with your child too.

On a final note, I hope you all have a fun-packed weekend.

Mrs Smith

Friday, January 20th

Congratulations to Millie on becoming a free reader this week, we now have three pupils who are free readers- what an achievement- well done!

We have been busy revising number bonds to 100 this week in school, more of this on the Homework page as this week's homework is exactly that. In Literacy, we have been writing a story all week, some pupils have retold a story. In our story writing, I am looking for examples f the following:-


  • fluent writing that makes sense
  • interesting ideas
  • use of adjectives and similes to describe the storm, the city and the island
  • Use of adverbs to describe how actions are done e.g. the panda climbed carefully into the ancient boat.
  • Use of synonyms for the words ' said and ' went' for example: using these words instead:- whispered, moaned, exclaimed, declared,
  • wow words e.g. forlorn, glum
  • connectives in sentences- using so, when,etc rather than 'and' all the time e.g. The panda climbed carefully into the ancient boat so he wouldn't get wet.
  • good sentence openers e.g.  When.... Suddenly.... Then....After that.......Happily.....
  • Correct punctuation using full stops, capital letters, question marks and speech marks


So you can see why it has taken us all week to complete ! In Science some pupils used their Numeracy skills to compare materials using Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams. We also learned why the Romans invaded Britain, pupils used their Literacy skills to write about this in either sentences or paragraphs. 

A HUGE WELL DONE to the few pupils who have superb Reading Journals, they are outstanding beacure, not only are they so neat, but they ocntain completed homework and also completed reading activities. Well done !  Please could parents ensure Reading Journals are returned to school regularly to be marked. I am concerned that I do not see some regularly enough.

Have an amazing weeked enjoying time with your families.

Mrs Smith

Friday, January 13th

Well done to Ridha on earning her penlicense and thank you so much to the parents that have been buying blue pens ! It has been a very neat week, with the children producing such neat work - well done Class 3S !! I am so proud of you ! 

We have been using our tables to learn to calculate fractions of amounts in Maths, for example:-

1/3 of 24

We say 24 into many 3s in 24....we draw a humber line and jump along it in 3s if we cannot recall our 3x table mentally and that's the answer ! But we have been even more clever that that ! We have use our answer to deduce 2/3 of 24.

Simi;larlt, to find 1 fifth of 40, we say how many 5s in 40? Answer = 8

But then we use 1 fifth of 40 to deduce 3 fifths of 40 by adding the fifths....1/5 + 1/5 + 1/5 = 8+8+8 = 24

In Literacy, we wriote diaries and conversations, we learned to write speech correctly, using speech marks, and we used similes and adjectives to describe in our diaries.

We have learned what a database is and next week we will explore a database ! We also learned about some of the major periods in British history and placed these onto a timeline. In Science, we used our Literacy skills to write a report about Living Things.

Yes....another busy week ! please look on the main class page to see all that we will be learning this half term. homework is on the homework page and is cery practical this week, it also involves sweets !! Yummy!

Have a good weekend !

Mrs Smith

Friday, 6th January

Happy New Year to parents and pupils alike !

Firstly, thank yu so very much for the wonderful gifts I received for Christmas ! I ate all the chocolates ( with help from my eager daughters!), drank the wine, wrapped up warm in my scarves and my plants made my home look very inviting ! Thank you again !

Well,, here we are again, the start of another term packed with learning ! I have had trouble posting my topic web onto the internet but am on the case and hope to get it on the net this week !

Congratulations to Alfie for earning his Star of the Week certificate and to Faithe for her Welsh certificate ! George and Brayden eventually got their actual pen license- apologies for the delay ! 

This week, in Maths, we have been revising reading and writing 3 digit numbers and we have been learning to understand weight. Many upils found this a difficult concept- te fact we can use a common weight we know such as the weight of an averge apple, to estimte other weights. We started fractions later in the week and we will continue this next week. We will be answering questions such as one third of 21, one fifth of 35 etc In Literacy lessons, we learned to use speech marks correctly and we learned to describe a scene using adjectives and similes.

We also learned what a database was and the children really enjoyed listening to different vocal arrangements to identify the types of accompaniment used. In Science we learned about MRS GREN and some pupils even write a report about it ! 

I hope you had a fun-packed weekend, see you on Monday !

Mrs Smith

Friday 25th November

Congratulations to Gethin on earning his Reading Journal and to Amelie for now being a free reader, along with Tom !

Please could the children or parents ask  Santa to put some Berol handwriting pens in the stocking this year? Class 3S have been very careless with their pens and are losing them  at a fantastic rate, despite my many pleas to look after them.

Well, what a week it has been ! we have been singing and rounding numbers this week, many pupils are quite confident with rounding but they do now need to see a purpose for it so please could you ensure the homework is completed in the Reading Journals or on paper. A few pupils bought their shopping hmework in , but I would like to see more ! Some fantastic homework by Faith, Darcie and Daniel ! Please look at our Photos page for more of your child's work.

The children have done some fantastic work this week, they have researched polar baers and have planned a report about polar bears. Well done to Zayaan for that extra research you did at home - excellent ! We used the calculate tool on Google Earth to calculate distance between places on a map and we have researched types of buildings in Rogerstone !

All of this as well as learning to sort and identify solids, liquids and gases and learning our dance for the Christmas Concert ! You do have very clever children who always try their very best, they are a delight to work with !

Have a lovely weekend !

Mrs Smith

**Christmas Performance 2016.  KS2 will be performaing Hosanna Rock.  3S will need to bring in a stable animal costume at least a week before in a clearly labelled bag.  Children will be performing barefoot.  Tickets are avaliable in the main office. **

Friday 11th November

We have started a new text in Literacy called ' The Journey Home' and we have started learning about money in Maths lessons. we have been looking at the written notation of money and we have been converting pounds to pence and vice versa. We have also been learning to add the value of coins, starting with adding the biggest coin values first. This is a skill a few pupils have found tricky so please, if you have any change in your purse or money boxes, ask your child to count it!

We started our DT project ( making a photo frame) and we looked st stable structures and what makes photo frames and hristmas trees stable when upright. The pupils loved making coloured paper with Mrs Morgan but it hasn't dried so well as I used kitchen roll that was too thick and so it didn't absorb the water as well as thin litchen roll would have. Silly me! Mote to self for the next time I make paper !

The children have  written a letter to Newport Council, offering their opinions about where they live and we started to learn our Christmas play songs ! How exciting! I hope this gives you an dea about what the chldren have been up to in school this week. Next week we start our dances ready for the Christmas concert!

More pen licenses were given out this week too. If your child still does not have their pen license, please please continue with the handwriting sheets at home.

Reading books have been very slow in coming back this week, generally. There has been days where I have wanted to read with a child and they have not had their reading books. Please please ask your child to remember to pack their reading books every day. I do understand if they are using it for their Reading Journal activity. I would like all of the class to be free readers and to have come off the reading scheme ( Level 30) before they enter Year 4 ! We have only two terms, approximately 30 school weeks to do this !!

Many thanks, have a lovely weekend and enjoy your family time together,

Ms Smith


Friday 4th November

A huge WOW to my class - I was bowled over, amazed, esctatic when I received your AMAZING mid- term homework- the journey sticks were brilliant, the presentations were wonderful, the artwork was fantastic, everything was truly overwhelming- well done Class 3S, you are real superstars ! I am marking them today and will send Reading Journals home as usual next week!

I hope Tom has a great birthday today and that Milie's move goes well. It was lovely to see Amelie this week and well done for your amazing recount! I am awaiting a user name and password for Bug Club and will update pupil books as soon as possible.

Another busy week in class.....

We have been learning to add tends and hundreds to a 3 digit number, many pupils have a target of crossing the decade, which we will address in our warm up part of the lesson daily.Crossing the decade involved 'tricky nines'


e.g. take this sum: 345 + 7 tens

there are already 4 tens in the number and if you add 7 tens you will have 11 tens. 

11 tens is equivalent to 100 and another 10

so you add 1 hundred to your number......445 and then ad the ten......455

So your answer is 455 !

Some children are counting on in tens and adding 70 but they are getting stuck after 395, hence we call i the tricky nine !


We have done a lot of cross curricular writing this week- we have wrtten a recout of our trip to Wastesavers and we have self assessed a letter. We have learned to recognise the features of a news report and we have planned a news report so we can use it to write a report next week !

We have been ion Google Earth, learning how to use the calculate tool to measure the distances between places and the pupils have used  Maths skills and  Oracy skills to calculate how much water they use and to decide how they would  use water if they were only allowed a certain amount. The children have also written up an expriment to see how much water is on the planet and how much is actually available for us to use ! They were amazed by how little of the World's water we can actually use and they undestood why we must be careful not to waste water.

Please go to  the spelling page for weekly  spellings. Maths homework was sent home on paper.


Thank you Class 3S for making my week so lovely !

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Smith

Friday, October 21st

Firstly, well done to the pupils who have earned their pen licenses, you must be so proud of yourselves ! For those who have not yet earned theirs, just keep practising those joins and remember to make sure your letters are a good size- not too big or too small ! I am sure more pen licenses will be earned soon.

Harvest Festival was tremendous and the dancers and singers were briliant- well done to you all!

Class 3S enjoyed their trip to Wastesavers and Alan was so helpful and told us so many interesting things. It  was a little smelly though and Mrs Smith covered her nose with her scarf the whole time. As a result I have completed a display in school using ONLY recyclable materials, much of it being other people's rubbish such as newspapers! Please please could any parents donate old maps or comics as I will use these to display pupil's work. Thank you !

Class 3S  made wondeful sculptures this week and took them home, they are the product of many hours hard work !

A lot of homeowrk was sent home, please do noy feel pressured to complete all of it as I am sure you will want to spend valuable time with your family over the half term break. I hope the handwriting sheets were useful for the parents who had requested them. Details of the homeowrk can be found on the homework page for this week. Most of the homework is paper homework and came home with pupils in their book bags.

I look forward to an exciting second half to the term where we will be making picture frames as our DT project and continuing with our Geography work about the local area. we will be studying a new book as part of our Literacy topic and we will start the term off with rounding numbers to the nearest ten and hundred. Pupils will continue with ball skills in P.E. but will study creative dance rather than gymnastics, using music as a stimulii.

Friday, October 14th

Well...what a busy week we have had in school ! Firstly please accept my apologies for the spelling books  coming home on Friday rather than Thursday, we were busy with visitors to open the new build and time simple escaped us ! Mrs Jones was in Class 3S yon Friday so thank you to her for ensuring the reading books , homework and spelling journals went home. We have been buy with Welsh this week, learning to use past tense. We have also been busy jmping along number lines in Maths, learning to add two 2 digit numbers like this:-

67 + 78

Draw a number line like this:-

Write the first number 67 underneath it and then parttition the other number. This means splitting it into its respective tens and units so 78 is 70 plus 8.

 Then add the units- 8- first by drawing 8 jumps on the top of the line and counting ON from 67 in ones. When you reach 75 at the last jump draw 75 under the number line. Repeat this process for 70, jumping in TEN jumps ( 7 jumps of 10) and count on from 75 in TENS until you get to 145 ahich is your answer !

The difficulty we have had this week is that a few pupils find it hard to count in tens after ninety something so if they were counting on from 75 in tens for example, pupils can count securely when counting ....75...85...95.... but they get stuck on the next one....105 and the next one 115.....

So, please could you count with your child whenever possible, in the car, before bed, over breakfast.....if you say a starting number for example, 86...ask them to count on in tens and make sure they count to at least 126 as this ensures they are practising counting beyond the tricky tens numbers.

Pupils drew their design for a Christmas card this week too.

Pupils have also studied the works of Henri Rousseau and have drawn a picture in the style of Rousseau.

Well done to Class 3S this week for working so hard !

Mrs Smith


Friday September 30th

Wow, what a hardworking week we have had this week ! The children have been so well behaved- as usual- and they have been screenshotting and using Google Earth to identify Wales, Newport and Rogerstone. In Science pupils have been applying their Numeracy skills - drawing pictograms and bar graphs. The children have spent the last few weeks investigating sculptures and have finally created ae eco-sculpture design of their own! The children are very excited about this and will be making their sculptures next Thursday. Of course the sculptures will be small scale and will fit inside a box/scenery created by the pupils using boxes and card.

Pupils have been told they may bring in recyclable materials to aid them in the making of their sculpture- cans, plastic bottles, milk bottle tops, screws, nuts, bolts, card etc. We have already had some resources in - well done!

Lily found a bird nest this week and it contained eggs- we have tweeted a picture!

Well done to George who won a Welsh award this week.

Well dne to our musicians- Gethin and Harry received their brass instruments and I know it won't be long before they are playing in assembly with our calrinet players and our violinists.

A few pupils have not bought PE kits into school this week- please could I remind parents  to ensure every child has their kit in school. P.E. is an iportant part of the curriculum.

Finally, Lucy and Brayden have celebrated birthdays this week, I know they will have had fun !


Friday, October 7th

Well done to Nia, who recieved a WElsh prize in assembly this week and well done also to Lily and  Mason who both won Welsh awards !

Finally, all PE kits are in school- well done!

It's been a very busy week in school, we have learned to halve 2 digit numers using the diamond method and we have produced some wondeful wrting all about our book 'The Tin Forest'. Children have been writing descriptively, using adjectives and similes.

On Thursday, pupils started to make a background for their sculptures, using shoe boxes. They studied the shapes of trees and worked hard- we have wondeful exhibitis to show you soon !

In Science, we learned how to make paper and next week, we will actually be amking paper- such fun!

We are goint to start to add and subtract next and we will continue our writing using 'The Tin Forest'.

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to read your reading book please !

Mrs Smith