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This week we have been completing the National Tests. We have also been writing our own 'Arthurian' legends. This was very interesting as we all enjoyed learning about legends and King Arthur. We haven't done much else because of the tests so we hope to do more next week!

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This week we've had a lot of fun doing many activities!


In literacy this week we've been learning about King Arthur and Arthurian legends. We've been writing descriptive blurbs. We've had some fantastic results! We've also been creating maps using an app called Epic Citadel! It was very fun.


In science this week we have been learning about Periscopes, and what they are and can do. We also wrote up instructions of how to make one at home or school. Next, we discovered what really happens when you use a Periscope. When you look through a Periscope, you can see what is on the other end of it. These are a new kind of science we haven't yet discovered!


In project we have been studying Bottle Rockets! These are small plastic bottles that have been modified to take off from the ground and come back down, hopefully safely! These are not hard to build, and we have been designing our own ones in project lessons. We've also been filling in booklets about our time and study during the project. This has been very fun to discover and play around with!


In ICT we have been looking at building spreadsheets on Microsoft Office Excel. We have been given a numerous amount of tasks to complete during the sessions and there have been many bridges we have had to cross in order to finish the tasks.


In Ms Luckwell's Maths Group we have been looking at creating an itinerary for a trip to Cardiff to watch a rugby match at the Principality Stadium, and to have food afterwards. In Mrs Irvine's we have been looking at prep tests to prepare us for the tests next week. We have also been looking at ratio and proportion, a common subject in the tests.

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Tom and Rhys