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End of year special!!!!!!!

Finley:ICT because i like comuters.
Gabe:Playing rounders with Mr Rothwell.
Lydia: My best highlight was when we were doing a dance in groups for PE.
Isabella:My best highlight was when we all had fun singing the new songs and dancing
Tom: My highlight was when we were making our tutorials, GoogleUsers, Great fun.
Cameron: I think that my highlight of the year is doing the powerpoints on the computers because I really like using computers.
Reef: My best highlight has to be doing PE i have really enjoyed doing PE mainly doing relay races.
Charlotte:I have enjoyed PE because I love sport.
Seren: I really loved it when the boulders climbing wall came in and when we went to tata steel and did the triathlon. They were both really exciting occasions!!!!!!
Emyr: My best highlight was when we did swimming lessons and when some people made home-made volcanoes and made them erupt. Those two moments were intresting.
Chloe:I have absolutely loads of highlights but my favourite one is definitely doing the music extravaganza and doing the dance during the interval you might have seen the part after the mexican wave, we went back in to the one big circle and half of us went in to the small circle and span around.
Beth:The best things this year... was finding out who my teacher was meeting new friends and all the amazing things we have done like going on school trips and all sorts. Its been a amazing year.
Rhia: The best things this year was...going to Bassaleg school and performing in choir.I really enjoyed singing my solo part in Gennai Rythm.But I really enjoyed making new friends and meeting my new Teacher...Mr Rothwell!
I absolutely loved Roman day.I'll never forget this year!!!!!
Jac:The best things this year has been Story Writing because I enjoy writing and i am very imaginative.I also liked doing the P.E because we got to choose our own groups for dance.
Louis:My best highlight was when Mr hopkins opened all of his presents on toy day.
Maria: My best highlight was when 4j and 3p had roman day with us.
Caitlin: My favourite highlight of the year was when we went on all our school trips because they were all really interesting and fun.
Zak:My favourite highlights were going to the water works because it was interesting.
Rhys: My best highlight was the triathlon because it was fun to go on a school trip for once in a while.
Callum:My favourite highlight was when Best Buyers made £28.64 for cancer research.
Cai: My best highlight was when we went to the welsh water works because it was smelly and fun.
Rhiannon: My favourite highlight was having 2 teachers in 1 year. 
Mrs Luckwell:
We have been busy!! What a fantasic year, well done everyone!!!!
Thankyou for your hard work and good luck next year
Friday 11th July 2014
Last class blog ever in Class 45L.
In literacy on  we  did a big spelling test and looked in atlas's for Roman countries.
In Science this Wednesday we were looking at life cycles of a duck,dragonfly and a frog, we had to choose our favourite then draw a life cycle.
When we swapped classes for maths our maths class wrote our traffic light on our maths throughout the year. We thought about what we needed to improve.
This PE was a special one, our class, Miss Jenkins and Mr Rothwells Class all took part in a triathlon:swimming,bicycles and running. It was a great day and hot weather aswell.
In ICT we have been working towards our roman powerpoints ready to show the class this week.
  All of our class have written a comment below of their favourite memory this year! What was yours?<