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Blog for week beginning 9th May 2016

By Lola and Joshua
In maths we have been learning to order weights  and capacity and find equivalent fractions.
In English we have been learning about discussion texts and have planned our own discussions to present next week.
In science we have been learning about the life cycle of swans and what features are important.
In welsh we did a placemat predending to be gareth and mari and answering questions in the first person.
In p.e we did tennis.
In guided reading we did comprehension and spelling also we did handwriting and reading with Miss Dobbs.

Class Blog Week Beginning 18th April 2016


Class Blog Week Beginning 15th April 2016
By Rosie and Owain

This is what we have been up to this week!

Maths - Revision for tests/ALFIE/ and looking at tenths and fractions that make a whole by adding fractions. 
Literacy - We practiced for our literacy tests by doing lots of comprehension.  
PE -We have done just dance and we had loads of fun
Science - We started a new Science topic - Water World  and we looked at the different water habitats that animals live in. We did the front cover and most people did sea animals.
Topic - Our new topic is Rainforests - we evaluated our  old topic and designed a cover page for the new one.
RE - We had to draw a mosques and then we labelled what each feature is.

Class Blog week beginning 21st March 2016

by Lola and Nathan

In maths we did word problems where we had to work out what number operation was needed. e.g.
Sam had 22 marbles and jack had twice as many how many marbles does jack and Sam have altogether?
Answer 66 marbles. 

We also learnt about handling a budget and how to plan for a party for so many people if you only have a certain amount of money.

We wrote our fantasy stories we could do anything we wanted which was fun as we got to use our imaginations.
We did our story mountains to plan our stories
In science we have been learning about fossils and amber and how they are formed.

Have a happy Easter everyone!!

Class Blog week beginning 14th March 2016

By Sam R and Kian L
This week in literacy we have been discussing and drawing our fantasy settings for example: space, volcano, gnome village and roman city.
In maths we have been learning about division on a number line and the vertical ‘chunking' method. It was fun! example 95 divided by five =19
In PE we did hockey passing, aiming and shooting. It was very fun and we enjoyed it.
For SEAL this week we talked about role models we got into a circle and we all talked about our role models and what made them special.
During ICT we made a PowerPoint about our role models and Nathan and I did a PowerPoint about Joe Strummer and in RE we looked at we looked at the special journeys like the pilgrimage to Lourdes in France.
With Miss Morgan we finished off the meaning of music in our books.

Class Blog Week beginning 7th March

This week we have been looking at imaginary settings in literacy and talking about the different features that they have. We had a go at describing the settings of Where the Wild things Are using interesting vocabulary, and we compared settings and made them more interesting.

In maths we have been learning about negative numbers and how they fit on a number line. We also ordered the numbers. Negative numbers are minus numbers that means lower than 0. Minus numbers are recognised like this -1 -2 -3 etc.

With Miss Morgan we looked at how to use a compass and follow directions.

In RE we looked at the Five Pillars of Islam. In SEAL we discussed barriers to our learning and what we can do to overcome them, and in PE we did hockey (dribbling and passing) and dance using Just Dance, which was great fun!!

Class Blog  w/b 29th February 2016

Written by Evie T and LeahClass Blog

Maths: we did perimeter and area it was fun.

Eisteddfod : we went into eisteddfod in house colours lots of people won different things katie won singing Evie Thomas won welsh handwriting. Well done all of 4D for amazing participation.
Art : we made and decorated our mother's day cards

Literacy - we are making explanation booklets about Earthquakes. 

Science - We planned and carried out an experiment to test the absorbency of different rocks.

And on Friday we said a very sad goodbye to Miss Phillips - Thank you for everything. We will miss you!!!

Class Blog w/b 22.2.16 by the whole class!

We have had a very busy Eisteddfod week.
We have been videoing some Eisteddfod singing, poems and a Welsh recitation called Hwre!
We have been busy drawing and writing for the Eisteddfod. We wrote a postcard in Welsh, imagining we were on holiday. We used patterns such as Es i i'r........ We have been reading in Welsh, which was a little tricky but fun.
In art we drew in the style Martyn Evans. He uses very bright, bold colours with no white gaps. He draws houses which look like they are stacked in rows, we created some super artwork.
In maths we have been learning about perimeter and time. We also did a practice for the guided reasoning tests which was fun!
In art we have been erupting the rest of our amazing volcanoes. Some of them erupted quickly but others erupted really slowly!
People have also delivered their presentations about earthquakes for topic, they were really interesting.

Class blog w/b 1.2.16 - Written by the whole class!

We have had a busy, fun week in 4D!

Project work has been really exciting and everyone loved it. We wrote the script for our earthquake relief centre. It was very fun and we worked in pairs and interacted to write a play script.

In maths we have been learning new skills. We have learnt about decimals. We have been rounding and ordering. It was epic!

We have loved our art this week. We painted our volcanoes. To make the lava we squirted paint like tomato ketchup. It was fun and awesome! They look so good!

We have been learning more about gym in PE. We worked as partners to make up a gym sequence. It had to have front support and a bridge. It was great fun and we worked in partners.

In Literacy, we have been writing our own ending to the Angel of Nitshill Road. We enjoyed it a lot and talked about how exciting adding our own chapters would be.

And finally!....In RE we learnt about the story of Muhammed and how he is important to Muslims.

Class blog w/b 29.1.16
By Nathan Davies

This week has been really, really fun!

In maths we have been learning about decimals we used the Diennes and the beads. Our homework is about decimals and tenths.

Project work has been really exciting and everyone loved it. We have been learning more about earthquakes and volcanoes and the work was making a Powerpoint presentation with a partner about a famous volcano.

We have enjoyed art we are making a volcano for a volcano experiment. We are doing the gluing today it's called paper mache. Next week we are painting them.
We have been learning more about football in PE. We did a match and it was really fun. JJ's team won with An awesome goal by JJ!

Our literacy has been describing Celeste from the Angel of Nitshill road by Anne fine and we learnt about the different characters. It was fun and interesting. We also had fun doing conscience corridor and debating whether or not it is right to 'bully a bully'!

In Welsh we have started learning our recitation for the Eisteddfod.


Class blog w/b 18.1.16 by Isabella

This week has been really, really fun!

In maths we have been learning the grid method and Column addition some people found it hard but we go the hang of it

Project work has been really exciting and everyone loved it. We have been learning more about volcanoes and have written volcano poems. We did some research on where different volcanoes are located around the world.

We have enjoyed art so much doing volcano making and Jackson Pollack art work. We used recycled materials to make it. We will test it once we have done it.
We have been learning football in PE. We were passing and controlling the ball. It was fun!

Our literacy has been about the Angel of Nitshill road and our story designing. It was fun and exciting. and it is an imaginative story.

In Science we planned and carried out an experiment to find the best material for covering Miss Rutledge's soup and keeping it warm!

Please remember to bring in some newspaper for our paper mache volcanoes next week!

Class Blog - Week beginning 11th January 2016

By Miss Dobbs!
This week we have made a start on our new topic Earthquakes and Volcanoes. We discussed what would happen in the event of an earthquake and how we could turn the school into a disaster relief centre. We had lots of fun planning our tv announcements which we hope to film next week.
In literacy we finished off our work on volcano poetry and typed them up during ICT. We also created our own glossaries by looking up different words relating to our topic using dictionaries and information books.
In maths we have been revising different methods of addition and subtraction. We are amazing at column method now! We went over borrowing and carrying and how to use this method for adding and subtracting amounts of money. We continued looking at weighing and reading scales with Miss Phillips on Friday.
In Science we carried on with our Earth Science topic and had a go at sorting materials using different criteria. We also discussed the properties of materials and their uses.
In PE we did gym - performing sequences with a balance, and football - controlling and passing the ball.
We have started planning the making of our own volcanoes with Miss Phillips - very exciting!!
Class Blog
Week beginning 8th January 2016
By Meghana
In literacy this week we have been looking at the features of poems. We acted out some poems and we planned our own volcano poems.
In maths we did addition with hundreds and thousands and £1 , £10.
In topic we had a new project which was earthquakes and volcanoes. We wrote down all the things we know and all the things we wanted to find out.
In Science we also had a new project which was Earth Science. We looked at living things and non living things.
With Miss. Phllips in art we looked at a new artist called Jackson Pollack and we had a go painting in his style. We used warm colours and cold colours.

Class Blog for week 7th December 2015
By Rosie and Addison
On Monday, we did fractions in maths. In literacy we did rhyming couplets. We wrote poems about
Winter and Christmas. We have been doing lots of practice for the school Christmas play. We also did guided reading this week. In ICT we planned our calendars. We made the pictures a weird shade of colours.

Class blog week beginning 30th November
By Sam T
On Monday we learnt fractions in maths. We learnt how to add fractions to make a whole. In literacy we did a newspaper report about a man on the moon from the John Lewis advert.
On Tuesday we finished our newspaper reports. We interviewed people acting as the man on the moon. We did some guided reading and guided reasoning.
On Wednesday we did a Christmas jotter AND WE HAD CHRISTMAS DINNER!!!!!!!!
On Thursday we did science using thermometers. We did golden time.
On Friday we learnt about Judaism. We did singing practice. We had good news assembly.

Class blog 27.11.15 by  Ella

In art this week we have done finger printing FUN!!! And then we did some math's but math's was a bit of art because we did tessellations.
We've had a busy week in maths with Miss Dobbs! In math's we did some fractions.
In Literacy we were using directed speech and indirect speech.
We've also been learning about water in science.
We have been singing those cannan day's and Jacob and sons.
We've now sent home costumes ideas and the homework for the week!

Class Blog w/b 16.11.15
By Lola

We have been very busy in maths this week. With Miss Dobbs we've been doing multiplying and dividing number sentences for example Lola walked to the shop and bought 3 magazines each magazine cost 4 pound how much did she spend? We have also been learning how to use grid method to multiply two and three digit numbers.
In Project we have been thinking about what it means to belong and if we belong in a club.
For Science we recorded how we use water and we had a go at making some paper!
In Literacy we have being talking about newspapers and their features.
We have also been practicing for our Christmas concert and we are singing Those Canaan Days and Any Dream Will Do and also Jacob and sons.
We've had lots of fun in art with miss Phillips doing our comic strips and fingerprint designs for our Christmas cards.

Week ending 13th November by Zuhair

We've had a busy week!
On Monday for maths we did times tables and division and also a racer game sheet and for English we described characters from Horrid Henry. Plus we also did Welsh with Miss Shepard and wrote info about each other in the class.
Tuesday was exciting, we turned a Horrid Henry story into a play script and for maths we did a timer game and had times and division with our white boards.

On Wednesday we did used our times tables to help us with division in are books. We did some planning for our own playscripts and it was very hard!
On Thursday we wrote our playscripts. In science we did work about rubbish and what happens to it when it gets recycled and we looked at how to make paper.
On Friday we did maths and P.E and in P.E we did rolls, jumps and a balance and for maths we did shapes and reflection. In art we did our Roy Leichenstein pictures.

Week ending 6th November

by Jack A

On Monday we came in and our morning jotter job was to write about our half term. In maths we are learning to divide by 10 and 100 in pounds and pence and in science we are learning about rubbish and recycling. In topic, we are still learning about adventurers and explorers. We used maps to locate the places they travelled to and then we plotted these on our own world maps.

In Literacy we are doing play scripts about Fantastic Mr Fox. We acted out a play script using the stage directions. 

We learnt a lot on Thursday, we were still doing the same work on maths, topic, literacy, science and geography. Because it was bonfire night, our morning jotter job was to make our own firework and name it.

When we came in on Friday our morning jotter job was to tell the teacher where deleted work goes on your computer. We did our spelling test and then we had PE. We were doing gym and looking at how to put together a sequence of 5-10 shapes with a jump and a roll.  In the afternoon, we were learning about the perimeter of shapes with Miss Phillips and in art we are doing comic book strips.

The end of a good week!!!

by Jack W and Sam R

In maths we did multiplying and dividing by 10 and symmetry with 2d shapes. It was fun!
In art we finished off our Georgia "O" Keeffe pictures and did an evaluation on our art.
In p.e we did netball and we made our own mini games with hoops and cones and balls.
In literacy we did instructions on how to survive in the amazon jungle. We used imperative verbs such as make, cut, walk etc and time connectives.
In i.c.t. we did a power point on adventures and explorers. You can do one and send it to google classroom.

Week ending 16th October By Tom

This week we have been learning about:
In maths we have been learning about taking away amounts of money.
In art we drew the style of Georger o Keefe. It was fun!
In English we have been learning about black history week and in circle time we learnt about what bulling is. We dressed up in blue to support no bullying.
In topic we compared old maps and new maps.
In Friday maths we learnt about different types of triangles.

Week ending 9th October
By Addison and Evie T
Monday morning we came in, and began to do our morning jotter job then went swimming.During swimming we did diving and front crawl then bombing. When we finished swimming, we came back to school and had our lunch, and then, after play, we did some lovely Literacy. For Literacy, we read some more out of the book, Fantastic Mr Fox.

Tuesday morning, we came in to school and did more in our morning jotters,and went swimming. We did some more of front crawl, some back crawl, and some Butterfly. When we returned to school, again, we had our lunch, and after play, we did some more Literacy. We wrote our own endings to Fantastic Mr Fox. In Maths we looked at how to add money.


We went swimming again. In the afternoon we finished our Fantastic Mr Fox stories and we did some more work on adding money.


On Thursday we had a great time in swimming practicing life saving skills in our clothes. In the afternoon we made Christmas cards!!


It was our last day of swimming. We had lots of fun doing relay races, playing waterpolo and having a diving competition. In the afternoon we learnt about quadrilaterals and we finshed off sketching flowers in art.

Week ending 2nd October 2015

By Miss Dobbs!

As we are swimming every morning at the moment, we have dedicated afternoons to literacy and maths (apart from Friday where we do Art and Maths). Our Adventurers and Explorers topic is on hold for the time being! 

The children have been working really hard at improving their swimming. I am so proud of what they have achieved so far, especially those children who weren't able to swim at all or could hardly swim at the start of the sessions. Well done all!


In literacy we have been reading 'Fantastic Mr Fox' by Roald Dahl. This week we wrote character descriptions of Mr Fox and compared and described  the characters of the three farmers. We also had great fun with Conscience Alley, where Joshua played the role of Farmer Boggis and the rest of the class split into two sides, one trying to persuade him to kill Mr Fox and the other trying to persuade him to spare his life! Things got a little heated, but Boggis decided to get rid of Mr Fox as he was fed up of him stealing his chickens! We also mapped the feelings of Mr Fox throughout the story and discussed how and why his emotions change.


In maths this week we have been focusing on subtraction. We have been learning how to use empty numberlines and the column method, including borrowing. On Thursday we applied our skills by solving various subtraction word problems. Some of us had a go at writing our own subtraction word problems. We also looked at the nets of various 3D shapes and had a go at making our own.


We sketched flowers in the style of the artist Margaret Mee.

Week ending 25th September 2015

By Katie and Mandi
In art we researched a famous artist called Margaret Mee and wrote them in a spider diagram.
Maths (shapes)
We learnt about how all 3D shapes are made up of a net. We joined up nets to what shapes they make.
We did column addition and subtraction.
We learnt new strokes , we did life saving , we jumped into the pool and we had fun!
We carried on looking at settings. We described the great hall from Harry Potter ,Sids room from toy stoy and our own rooms.

Week ending 18th September 2015


By Jack W, William and  Kian


In maths we did near doubles it was very hard.

 259+255=526                   1+5=6   




In literacy we drew harry potter the great hall using a description from J.K Rowling’s book. We were looking at describing settings. We also described familiar places from an alien's point of view.



We did Adventurers and explorers. We learnt about five adventurers - Christopher Columbus, Bear Grylls, Francis Drake, Neil Armstrong and Captain Scott.


We did ball skills it was really fun. The fire alarm went off, it was a drill.


In guided reading our group we did our jobs ,it was great fun.some people do reading handwriting questions or  follow up or spellings. That is our guided reading time table. 

Week ending 11th September 2015
By Megan and Leah



On Monday we sorted out our tables also we started our new topic and our topic is called adventurers and explorers .Then we did our new science and our science is called operation sustainable future.

On Tuesday we did some maths we were learning about number value and partitioning

On Wednesday we did some literacy called I'll take you to miss Cole we did two chapters.

We did some more about miss Cole and then we did some maths about halfing.

On Friday we did spellings some guided reading and with miss Phillips's we did some shape maths and art and also we did the raffle.