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Summer Term


Election Week

Because it was the general election our school decided to do a mock election. We had twelve year six's and six different parties stood up to be elected. Everyone worked really hard that week in an effort to win votes for their party. The candidates wrote speeches and manifestoes and went around the classes to say them. While the candidates went around the school their team made badges, posters, leaflets, movies and web advertisements. In the middle of the week we had a huge debate and everyone in the school except for reception and year one. The school asked lots of questions that the candidates had to answer as best as they could. On the big day everyone was really nervous. We all put our vote on a piece of paper and then Mr Rothwell came around with a black ballot box and we put our bit of paper in. At the end of lunch time the winner was announced. Congratulations to the Birthday Political Party (Megan Jeffery and Elinor Thomas) who came in first place. We are now putting together a big booklet that will show what we have done.


What we have been doing this term...


In Science we have been looking at how animals are adapted to their environment. First we looked at a Mallard Duck and with our own opinion putting its special features in order from most important to least important. We then looked at a Pond Skater and finally a Camel. When we did the Camel we made a big list on Word, saying what we know about it and what we would like to know.


In English we have been looking at persuasive writing. First we did a persuasive leaflet either on car safety or anti smoking. We worked in partners which helped a lot!! We then did a formal persuasive letter about anything we would like to change to anyone we wanted.


On Monday 17th May Mrs Hill (Assistant Head of Year 7) came in to speak to the year 6's about going to Bassaleg. She answered lots of questions that we asked and informed us of the basic facts about Bassaleg. We did short activities which are like what we would be doing at the start of lessons next year. We also got a pack to take home including stuff for parents and a special booklet for us.


This week we went outside and did some planting with Mrs Heal. We did lots of planting including strawberries, beans and even some of us got to plant some seeds in our own shape. It was really fun!


This week the cricket man came because of the weather being so hot (which we loved). We learnt lots of new skills including ball catching from in the air and from the floor. We also learnt a new batting technique which most cricketers use. We did batting and fielding too which was fun.


In Welsh we have been doing lots of stuff about holidays and in the travel agents. We worked with a partner to create a dialogue at travel agents. We had to ask and answer lots of questions but the most confusing part was when we had to swap from past to present tense. Some of us were videoed and because of that, lots of us stuttered with our words but we knew them really!


During Healthy Living week we had an activity nearly every day. We had lots of different activities including healthy workshop, golf, swimming workshop and dance. We wore our PE kit to school every day. We had lots and lots of fun doing all these activities and some of them even encouraged us to keep it up!


This week has been dynamo week but instead of making something and selling it we created a game that we could use on the school grounds. We also could use the resources that the school had. Our class decided to make a nature trail but here our some of the other suggestions we came up with:

Welsh world

Tree house


Photo orienteering

Treasure hunt

Some of these ideas were already taken or they were excluded because of safety issues.

We had lots of fun making the nature trail!

First we went round the school and found lots of trees that we could use to put into our nature trail. Then lots of us found facts about the trees and now we are putting it into fact files suitable for foundation phase and for KS2.



This week we have been doing lots of singing practices for our music extravaganza. Key Stage 2 have been singing lots of songs including Fireflies by Owl city, Don't stop believin' by the Journey, Welsh medley and Heaven is a place on earth by Belinda Carlisle. In the end all the hard work paid off and it was a blast, It was even better than last year.

In English we have done a reading comprehension about a story called the Asrai. We had 15 questions to answer. Some are them were easy but some of them were hard. We are now doing fishy tails and sea monsters.

In project we looked at deltas. We wrote a page about them and they were really colourful. We learnt lots of new things like the country Bangladesh is made of  the Ganges delta.

In PE we had our last session with Mr Bird and we did fun games including catching a tennis ball and doing different throwing techniques.

                                                            Bye Mr Bird and welcome Mr Waldron.

In cricket we did a match and it was really fun and we had a great time. We had to bowl propaly and take turns.

After half term...   7/6/10

By Jordan and Bethan

Welcome back from half term EVERYONE!!!!

In English we have started a new book called 'Why The Whales Came' By Michael Morpugo. We wrote a prediction on what we thought might happen but when we started reading more into the book most of us realised that our predictions were not all right.

Most of the week we did about bridges but on the Wednesday and Thursday the year 5's designed a bridge while the year 6's had their growing up talk but sorry we are not allowed to talk to the younger ones about it.


By Jordan and Holly

In English we have been carrying on with the book called Why the Whales Came. We have been writing a diary as Gracie and some of us are now focusing on designing a front cover. We had to include lots of things in the diary like:

Bracet thoughts,

Powerful adjectives, verbs and adverbs,

Contracted forms of words

And lots more!!!!!

In maths the year 6's have been doing long division and we are still doing our maths games. Also the year 6 were taught by A bassaleg teacher named Miss Cello. She taught hard algerbra.


WB 27.6.10

By Bethan and Jordan

This week the yr6's have been doing a lot of practices for the Sound of music, leavers assembly. We all have parts so no one is left out.

In English we have been reading more of the 'Why the Whales Came' book and it has become really interesting.We did a long conscience tunnel where we said good things and bad things about a person who was pretending to be Daniel from the book.

This week we went to Cilffynedd water treatment works. We saw how water was treated in the 4 major steps and made a sludge tank to show an example of what the water is like when it first comes to the treatment works. We did a river flow test which was really fun and we went pond dipping and with the insects that we caught, we identified if the river was polluted or not.