Class Blog Autumn Term

Week beginning 27.9.09

We have been reading a book called the Iron Woman by Ted Hughes.It has the same structure as the Iron Man/Iron Giant and the theme is about pollution.So far a girl called Lucy has met the Iron Woman who came out of the marsh.The Iron Woman has shown Lucy about the suffering of the animals in the polluted water. The Iron Woman wants to destroy the waste factory where Lucy's Dad works with most of the villagers.What Will Lucy Do ? We have written one piece of work as a diary entry, pretending that we were Lucy. We're all enjoying the novel so far.

We have begun our art work by looking at different landscape paintings, by different artists who painted at different times. We thought about how these changed over time and which ones we  liked best. For homework we have to find 3 images of landscape paintings to stick in our art books before we start sketching.

In ICT we have learnt how to build a sustainable zook on Bamzooki, by putting solar panels on their backs! We also learnt how to take pictures of them and explained the pictures by labelling.

Mrs. Thomas came in for the second week of Bible Explorer. We are learning about the Old Testament by hearing stories, acting and learning a rhyme with hand signs. We also have a work book to complete.

Miss Thonger will be coming in to work with us this week for Welsh, so we have been revising our Welsh phrases. We can talk about ourselves and someone else, using the first person and the third person.

By Mrs Irvine, Chloe Griffiths, Abbas Shah and Rhys Goodwin.

WB 19.10.09


On our trip to Techniquest we looked at the exhibitions upstairs and downstairs, but that's not all we did !We also went into a workshop room where we watched a presentation about our earth , renewable energy and fossil fuels. Our challenge was to build a funfair spinner ride powered by a solar panel in groups of 5 or 6. We built them using K'nex. We had a competition to see who had the fastest ride and who had the most people on their ride (the people were small pieces of K'nex!). We recorded our results on a big chart. We did the test three times, because repeated tests give reliable results, then we used a calculator to work out an average. We found out that the lighter rides went faster, but the slower rides were heavier because they had more people on them.

If you google K'nex, you can build something similar on the website if you download it


Welcome back after half term. This week we have been studying a book called Dear Children of the Earth. It encourages us to look after our planet. It is set out as a letter and we have written as class letter as Mother Earth and then replies as ourselves.

Miss Thonger came in to help us with our Welsh and we read our book about Harri Morgan again.

In Science we did an investigation to find out about dissolving. We wanted to know which sunstances were soluable and which were not. Now we are trying to find out what happened to the dissolved salt and sugar, by leaving water with sugar and salt in near the warm radiator. We will check the bowls next week.

The Fire Service came into school and talked to Year 6 children about firework safety.

Mrs. Irvine's web address is if anyone has any queries at any time or children just want to share anything of interest in this way.


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Project Work 2009-10

For information about YR5/6 Sustainability Project please click here (Autumn term)

 We have been busy working hard right up to the end of term. In English we have been looking at Shakespeare's last play called 'The Tempest'. We read the playscript books and watched the animated tale on Youtube. We found out about what theatres were like in Shakespeare's time and they were quite different from what we know now. We looked at 'The Globe' theatre in London which was rebuilt not so long ago to look like Shakespeare's original theatre. We looked at the main character who was a man called Prospero and wrote a character study about him.

In ICT we had to create a Sustainable Zook. We designed them with different sustainable features and gave them an imaginary environment. Then we made them and sometimes had to change things on the computer to make them work. Here are some