class blog


Friday 9th September.

WOW! we have had an amazing first week in our new school.  We have enjoyed learning our new routines and learning the names of our new teachers.  We have been busy learning one of our sounds from the Jolly Phonics scheme while practicing writing our names.  In numeracy we have been learning to count to ten forwards and backwards (Also in Welsh). 

We are now looking forward to our second week at Mount Pleasant.  I must remember to get some sleep over the weekend. 


Friday 15th September 

WOW!! We've had an amazing second week in school. We have been busy learning our new letter sound 'a' and counting forwards and backwards to 10. We had a fantastic time during music, We met our new Violin teacher Mrs Jeans-Wells. 

We have been working hard learning our new routines and enjoyed going into assemblies.

A massive well done to Nia Hodge for being the Star of The Week.

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Reception Team 



Friday 29th September 2017

This week we have been working hard on our number formation and our letter formation.  Every morning we come in and practice writing our names.  We have continued with our letter sounds.  We have also had circle time where we have talked about playing kindly with each other on the playground.  

We have had another fantastic week!

Have a great weekend.

Reception Team