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Here we will tell you all about our week: What we have learned, what we have been busy doing, fun we have had and general tales of life in Class 4L!

Summer term

week 8


Thursday 11th June 2015



We did a lot of place value and games.Bbc bitesize and Bingo.We have a link to the game.We choose number,times and divide and see if we got the numbers,the first one to say Bingo gets congratulated.We had a lot of fun in text books and place value.


We have been developing our comprehension by reading the book,sheep pig.We had lots of fun and we enjoyed it.We are carrying on next week.


WALT: Write about the different features of a tree.

Today we had to draw a picture of a tree and half of the top of the tree was covered with leaves and the other half had branches, we also had to draw the roots coming out the bottom of the tree and draw the root hairs on them....

Then we had to write a bit about the roots, the branches, the leaves and about the whole tree. After that we had to do a sheet called "MATCH 'EM UP!" You had to match the berries up with the leaves.






Week 5

Friday 15th May 2015



This week in Literacy we have been writing poems riddles and rhymes!!!

We anitated humirous poems,these are some of the humirous poems that we read....

Inside my fridge,My puppy makes pizza and I'm late for school!!!

We also wrote our own rhyme and riddel!

This is cassie goughs and Ella moyses riddels! 









We wrote a humirous








Wednesday 25th March


Shadows are made when light is blocked.Light can not travel through opaque objects.Wood,metal and more materials are opaque. We drew the shadow of trees.We learnt that it depended on where the sun is.



This term we are doing dwellings and we have started a presentation.Also we have started the project work.


Tuesday 14th April

WALT:to identify houses

We mindmapped certain types of houses.Here are some.

Brick houses,Wood houses,Huts

Info about brick houses


Made by:Bricks

Put together with:Mortar

Brick houses are used too keep warmth because mortar is insulation.

Bricks also keep burgulars out!

Info about wood houses


Made by: Nails

Put together with:Wood

Wood houses are used like playhouses and huts.They were used a long time ago and it does not  keep burgulars out  because people can chop wood houses.








In literacy we have been researching about animal stories like Beatrix Potter and Jill Murphy.Andcomparing the animal stories.








Wednesday 22nd April

In project we have been  going on rightmove and looking at the houses and comparing and estimating the price and writing a quote we have also been giving it stars like a an estate agent.


Thursday 24th April

This week in english we have been making a booklet about all different types of animals.


Tuesday 22nd April

In maths we have been doing some reasoning tests so that we're ready for the test. we also wrote a evaluation on how the test went.




























Week 11

Friday 27th March 2015

Welcome to our blog! In our topic lesson we have been drawing the world map and then naming places where we think the cocoa beans grow. We looked for the equater and we found that it was in the middle. The equater is very hot and the cocoa trees only grow in hot places. 

We wrote a script of our favourite scene in Charlie and the chocolate factory. They were all amazing. In our evaluations we put lots of positive things and a few negitive things. We acted out our scenes in charlie and the chocolate factory.

This week in maths we have been learning our fractions. We had diffrent text books and learnt our fractions. Some of us are really confedent and some of us are still a bit negative on it. Some of us had to work out the awnser in dividing questions then work out the fraction of it.

In art we have been drawing aztec art the best six are going on display.

Week 10

Friday 20th March 2015

the solar eclipse


  • We have been drawing and writing facts about the solar eclipse.
  • An eclipse is when the moon goes in front of the moon and it goes realy dark.
  • you can not look at the moon directly other wise you could go blind.




Week 9


WALT:Draw a flow map to show how chocolate is made.

The cocoa beans are carried in a truck to the chocolate factory.

You add...    Sugar, milk , butter to the cocoa beans.

Mix the cocoa beans together.

Make sure the cocoa beans are heated.

Put them in the mold.

gets sent of to stalls.

then we desined our own chocolate factory.


We did an evaluation on us acting out our myths and legends and Ms Luckwell filmed us as we did it.We had 1 or 2 narrators and very few actors.Then we did a summary for world book day activities about our favourite book.Next topic was about Roald dahl and his look,read a few chapters on charlie and the chocolate factory.We also did diary entries about Charlie and a factfile about Charlie himself.


We practised test questions for our test in May.Then we written an evaluation about understanding the test questions and we marked them.


We are learning about transparent,tranclucent and Opaque.We took materials,flashed a torch through the materials and found out if they were the three special words.Then we sorted it into a grid.



Week 7


  This week in maths we have done a lot about sueveys,annotating them, writing a conclusion, more than and less than, difference.We have learnt about the average and the mode.We did a lot about  difference.We figured out the percantage of results from a survey. We used our Google Survey about Attitudes to Reading- why note take part yourself?! See our main class web page. 


This week in literacy we have been doing a lot about myths and legends We wrote our own legend and shared them  with Year 1. We made a plan including characters and lots of words for description. We had VCOP mats.Then we made that plan into one myth with a legendary person.



This week in science we have learnt about the best surface for a wimbeldon tennis court.The best surface was wood beacuse it is hard.


Thank you parents for coming to our Open Afternoon- we really enjoyed it and hope you did too!

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Spring Term Wk 5



We have been really busy in maths investigating area using A = L x W. We went outside to hunt for rectangles in our outdoor environmnet. We measured the benches, yard and pavement. We used a measuring tape, trundle wheel and tape measure. We estimated, measured, calculated and checked. Then we presented our findings to the claas. Some of us made iMovies of us measuring as we were working outside too.


On Monday we wrote poems about 'What it means to be Welsh?'. We used similes, metaphors, alliteration and onomatopoeia in our poems. Then we went on the ipads and researched about famous Welsh people to write our Eisteddfod creative writing entry next week.



We learnt our Eisteddfod song 'Mynd drot drot' and can all sing it brilliantly! Click the picture below to listen!

We have started our Eisteddfod Recitation 'Pizza', which is really funny.


We investigated forces using a Newton Meter. We measured different forces around the classroom E.g the door, pencil case and the chess box. We learned how to measure accuartely, applying our measuring skills we learnt in maths- to read units of measure accurately. 



Spring Term Blog

Week 3


WALT:estimate and measure in cm and mm

we have been working really hard at doing conversions.We have done measurements and put it into a table and we also converted the measurements into either cm  or metres.



We have been rounding up conversions and we have been finding the fractions and decimals of the conversions.


Walt:Write areport based on the role and history of the Senedd.

Every time,the Senedd come to schools and do a Welsh assembly talking about the Senedd building and the twenty projects,agriculture,we have to wear hats that represent each of the twenty projects.A man called Dilwyn came to talk with us and he is an employee of the local communities,the local communities are in charge of this and housing developments.In the building they save water and create electricity from the solar panels.

They save water and dig 100 metres down to bring up hot water to put in toilets,sinks and they have massive storage tanks under the ground.The Senedd has been around for a few years and they perform a welsh assembly rather than a normal asembly since the Senedd is a welsh word.

There are 4 political parties in the Senedd that each represent things to do with the 20 projects and the local communities.There are 60 am's ( assembly managers).This happened for only few years.The four political party colours are blue,yellow,red and green.The colours represent different things.


In science,we were working on pushing down cars to see how many forces  it would make.We also learnt about friction which is like forces. 

We  made a  ramp of two different materials.Wool and sandpaper then we recorded our results using tape measure.







Week 2

Learning journal

Before in the week we have been having a new thing.A new learning journal.It is bigger and has a guidance and much more efficient.It has characters and a lot of questions about us.It is signed and made by Mr.Rothwell.


We have been doing a lot of sheets about collumn subtraction and a lot of things about Pupil books Year 4.


WALT:write a poem for performance based on the 'elements'.

We have to think of an element.






As volcanoes are erupting hot.Rocks are burning as people are screaming as th world is burning.As the lava is flowing,the world is screaming.As water is flowing,people are screaming.





Week 1


WALT:Evaluate the project Tudors and Stuarts.

This week in project we have been doing more work on Tudors and Stuarts.We are using our thinking skills to evaluate all the things we have done about the Tudors and Stuarts e.g going on our trip to Cardiff castle, our Tudor Wow day and our banquet. We have experianced all this having fun and I hope you have enjoyed looking at the project books at parent's evening.We were dancing and prancing all about one of the rooms in Cardiff castle.We did comic life and LLLLOOOOAAAADDDDSSSS!!! of Shakespeare work like Romeo and Juliet. 


WALT: Design a front cover

We had to design a title page for our new topic "LETS PLAY". Then after we had to stick in 3 sheets. 1st sheet was saying how much sugar was in buscuits, the 2nd one was saying how much sugar in chocolate and the 3rd one was saying how much sugar was in drinks.


This week in maths we have been calculating column subtraction and solving subtraction problems. WALT: record column subtraction to 3 or 4 digits. We rolled dice and we wrote down the numbers and subtracted them.That's all for maths.


This week in literacy we have been...writing descriptive poems about winter. We listened to music andwatched video clips to help us. We used adjectives, verbs and adverbs to write similes and metaphors... developing personification. We also used onomatopoeia and alliteration. 


Hope you all had a very happy new year and a big thanks.


Jathoosh & Aimme for Class 4L






Autumn Term

Week 13


WALT: to show what happens to our body when we eat.

Experiment: we experimented by getting things like:


a bag,

green food colouring,



and some water.

what we did:


  1.                    First we had to get 1 banana and 2 peaces of bread. 
  2.                  Next we had to put them together and made a sandwich.
  3.                After that we cut the sandwich in to 4 peaces.
  4.             Then we put our 4 quarters of the sandwich into the bag.
  5.           Now we added the green food colouring into the bag too.
  6.         We had to but some water in the bag.
  7.       Last we had to take it in turns to squash the bag...





Week 12


WALT:Find out if toothpaste protects our teeth.

We had to write in our science book what we needed which was

2 eggs,



and 2 jars with lids.

Then we had  to write what we did.

1. draw a picture of an egg  in a jar with vinegar.

2. Then we rubbed toothpaste over the egg.

3. Then covered with tooth paste with vinegar.

4. Then we left our experiment for 1 week......


This week in maths we have been solving and working out on our white boards some of the Alfie tests or quizes. One of the questions we had to try and answer was to figger out which number was closest or nearest to 250.

We had 5 different numbers and we had to choose the 1 that was closest tyo 250.

Week 11


In sciece this week we got 2 eggs and 2 cups and put tooth paste on 1 of the eggs and put vinegar and coca cola. 

Week 10


This week in maths we split into our groups and did some near doubles. E.g  20+21.   20+20=40.  40+1=41.  20+21=41. We used some text books to copy the sums and work them out in to our maths books.

We also tackled word problems where we had to find key information to solve the problem. 


This week in literacy we have been planning key words for our poppy poem. Walt:To identify imagery and apply this to our own descreptive writing. A pupils' poppy poem.

Rememberance day is sad

But it kills all the bad

Why does war have to go on?

When we sing a song

Poppies are put down

All around the town.

Some of the people who went to war

 Were some of the people we cared for.

Remember, Remember 

The 11th of November

Soldiers are fighting

Guns are firing.

Just remember someone died

To save our lives...


We picked a sheet about Tudor work

WALT: To research and investigate Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot


Guy Fawkes was born on April 13th 1570

Four hundred years ago in 1605 a man called Guido Fawkes and  a group of plotters attempted to blow up the house of parliament.





WALT: Find out why teeth rot.

We had to make a graph to show how many people brushed there teeth twice a day, once a day, some times or never. We also had to say which people would more likely to go to the dentist. The answer was the people who never brush their teeth.

Finally we did an experiment. We had to have 3 eggs  in vinegar water and coca cola. We had to see what would happen to them on Wednesday!


Week 9 

Maths problems

Susie the snake

  • Kierons cats
  • The three monkeys
  • Queen Esmeralda's coins


This week in literacy we have been writing recounts on our trip to Cardiff castle.We planned first.Walt:To plan a recount of our trip to Cardiff castle; Walt:To write a final draft recount of our trip to Cardiff castle.We also wrote them thank you letters for the tour.Walt:To plan a thank you letter to Cardiff castle.


Loads of things to tell you! We did tagxedo word images. We learnt a lot on our school trip including tudor dancing and what they ate. Go on 4L gallery and click on the school badge. It will take you to google drive and tell you all about the school trip at Cardiff castle.


Look at the speling section on the website to find out about this weeks spellings for Coch,Glas and Melyn.


We learnt the names of different types of teeth.


Milk teeth, molars, premolars, incisors, canines.

Week 8


This week in maths we have been solving word problems using the grid for multiplication. E.g 5 biscuits eaten in a day. how many in 234 days? = 44 We have made lots of 'Explain Everythings'- have a look on our google drive page. We have updated the website with lots of fun things to carry on learning at home.


In English we were presenting our morfo and evaluating sucsess. E,g My partner and I found out if high pitch or low pitch was the best. The low pitch was the best. We included our historical facts about the Tudor Monarch we chose. We had loads of fun.


We named the 5 senses and their functions.


If you could not smell you might not be able to smell smoke when the is a fire. You could also eat some food you are not aloud to eat.


If you can not see you could get run over by a car.

Art, Design and Technology

We designed a picture frame and sketched four designs of a Tudor Monarch. We chose our final design and painted it. We have used lots of skills during this activitiy. We have done woodwork, gluing, painting and sketching. We really enjoyed it!