Our Trip to Cardiff Castle

We were lucky to have a bright, sunny day for our trip to Cardiff Castle in May.

Our visit enhanced our work on World War 2

For the first part our visit we listened intently to an Air Raid Warden who told us a little about life in Cardiff during the war and how the castle was used for shelter.

We entered one of the tunnels within the castle wall that was used as shelter.

It was very dark and cold (even on a hot day!)

As we sat in the tunnel we listened to an announcement over the radio from Winston Churchill who announced that war had began.

We tried to imagine what it was like as a child in the war living in these conditions.

The Air Raid Warden had a specific section within the tunnel where he could be located. Below shows the items that he kept.

There was also a canteen that provided basic food and beverages.

It was strange to hear of old money and how it equated to today's expenditure.

 The next part of our tour involved singing some well known war day songs. These were an important part of life as they were used to keep their spirits up.

We attended a workshop and we were amazed at what we heard about life during the war. Nearby were examples of many things used during the war, including gas masks.

A selection of gas masks were placed under seats. When the Air Raid Warden blew his whistle unexpectedly we needed to locate and fit our gas mask within 10 seconds.

Even children were expected to wear gas masks and an example is shown below.

Babies of course were also expected to be protected from gas but due to their young age they needed to be placed in a frame. It would have been awful!

We had fun using water and hose equipment used in the war to put out a fire. It required 2 people to work together; one pumping the water while the other pointed the hose.


During our time at the castle we were able to visit the 'The Keep' and we climbed to the top!

The views were stunning!

We all enjoyed our day at Cardiff Castle and learnt many facts to help us with our work on World War 2.