Autumn Term 2012

Welcome back to school!

Some information for the new term.

Our PE sessions take place on Monday afternoons (Games - outside) and Wednesday mornings (inside). Please have the right kit available in school for these sessions. If possible this should be a white or light coloured plain top and dark shorts or track suit bottoms. PE kits can stay in school.

Reading journals should come home with your child every day. When they have read, please encourage them to fill in their journal, sign it for them and return it to school. It is really important that children keep up their daily reading in Year 6 to improve their comprehension and extend their vocabulary. The more children read, the better they'll get on in all areas of school life. Thank you for your help and support with this. Mrs. Herbert and I are very impressed with everyone's commitment so far!

Our topic for the term is Sustainability, so we will have a scientific and geographic focus. Mr Rothwell has added a useful website to his page which you might find interesting. We will also be having an Eco day later in September and hope to be able to go out on a trip to help with the study.

Our week at Hilston Park is drawing closer, with plenty of organising going on behind the scenes. If you have any questions that have occured to you since the meeting, just let us know. The children are asking plenty!

Each week the children will write a blog to let you know what kind of activities have been taking place and we wil put up the spelling lists, in case anybody misses them. New spellings are given on Fridays to be learnt for a test the following Friday. It is expected that the children will learn the spelings. We do an activity in school to consolidate the learning and differentiate to make sure the level is appropriate. Again, any problems, let me know.

Thank you.

Mrs. Irvine

Week 3

This week we have been writing  poems based on autumn and sustainability. During this activity we used the same layout for both poems. In association with our  sustainability project we created a poster each, which we put in our project books. In maths, we have been doing word problems and in science, we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. We wrote a paragraph about their properties and have a bit of research to do for homework.

by Parmeet Sohanpal and Tristan Faithfull


Week 6

This week we wrote a diary based on The iron woman book . We had to write from Lucy's point of view. In Games we have been practicing our basketball skills and in PE we have been doing gymnastic sequences in pairs. In Welsh we have been writing in the 3rd person. This week in maths we have been learning about decimals, fractions and percentages. We have also been doing our beginning of the year Alfie tests. They give us our teachers an idea of the areas of maths we need to spend more time on. We have been doing an investigation with burning a tea-light and we predicted whether it would get lighter or heavier . We weighed it after every 15 minutes and recorded it. We found out that if the wax wasn't there the wick would burn straight away, the wax works as a fuel to help the wick burn slower. Parts of the wax evaporated into the atmosphere and thats why the candle got lighter and in the end there was much less wax.

Remember to do some research about wind power ready for next week!

By Lucy Elger and Kayleigh Evans

Week 7

This week in games we did dodgeball inside because the weather was so wet and the playground was slippy. The teams were decided by the house colours.

 In English we read the rest of the Iron Women book and we did a book review which included drawing a picture of our favourite part in the story. Also we have been practicing writing persuasive letters from Lucy, a character in the Iron Woman book, to Mr.Wells, the waste factory manager.

In Maths, we have been learning about ratio and proportion.We also played a game where you had to simplify ratio to make it smaller.

In Science we did an investigation that included putting salt into water that was in an container.We knew we completed the task because the salt was at the bottom and we knew the water was at its saturation point.

Also in Welsh we were talking in the past tense.

Today we looked through our Literacy books to find any words we had spelt incorrectly and we added them to our spelling books, so we could practise getting them put right over half term.

By Parmeet and Alex

Week 8

This week in class we have been finishing the book of Iron Women and have started to read 'Dear Children of the Earth', which is a letter from Mother Earth.

 Our project work has been quite interesting because we have been looking into aluminium recycling, we have written our solar power reports and we have written Top Ten Tips to save the planet.

In maths we have been learning to find palindromes and different types of methods such as Fibonacci sequence, Goldbachs conjucture and eratosthstanes' method which helped us find prime numbers.

In art we painted pictures in the style of Vincent Van Gogh . The paint was thickened with glue to get better texture on the paper. We used spreaders instead of brushes.

In our science investigation we are trying to find how much water content is in fruit and vegetables. This investigation will need patience as we have to record weights every day over a period of time.

Some very mouldy fruit and vegetables!

By Parmeet and Alex

Week 11

This week we have been listening to the Hobbit audio book and discussing what we've learnt. After doing this we wrote a descripive piece of writing about the Hobbit hole, then we worked on writing dialogue and to extend on that, we wrote 3 paragraphs using SAD (speech, action and description) . Now we are all looking forward to the film coming out in December.

This week in science techniquest came into do a k'nex workshop.In the workshop we had to use solar panels to power a fairground ride.Firstly we had to discuss what our ride was going to look like, then we had to build it. After that we tested our ride. Finally we had a competition. Terminator extreme won the competition, with 98 passengers and 45 spins in 30 seconds.

This week in maths we had to convert measurements such as imperial and metric.

This week we have started practicing for our Christmas play and learning our Christmas songs.

In our topic we have been doing a report on CHP plant and looking at advantages and disadvantages of where it could be built.

 By Alex and Parmeet

Week 12

This week we've been researching William Shakespeare. We are starting to read The Tempest, one of his plays. Please remember to complete your homework which involves sending an e-mail to   with some Shakespeare information and an attachment.

In Science we have been adding to our knowledge of the water cycle and in Project, we have been designing an Eco village, to summarise all the information we've gained from our Sustainability project.

We've also made some props for our play, like salt dough decorations.

  Venus                Saturn             Jupiter


most                 badge                 burglar

gift                    crumb                  precious

pillow               scissors             disappear

badge              squirrel               inferior

crumb              favourite             reindeer

scissors          disappear         responsible

squirrel            responsible      receive

television         burglar              sufficient

station              reindeer            catalogue

reindeer           envelope           official

                          official                 cauliflower

                          precious             fugitive


Week 13

This week we have been making our Christmas cards and calendars. We've just finished our Christmas concert , 'Christmas around the world'. We hope you enjoyed it! Well done to all of the people who took on new parts because of all the illness this week! We are going to eat some of the food from our Christmas market stalls this afternoon!

In English this week we have been reading The Tempest by William Shakespeare and planning a play script in modern English. We also did a description of the tempest itself.

In maths have been breaking codes about co-ordinates.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Nadolig Llawen!

Frohe Weihnachten!

By Kayleigh and Parmeet


 Week 14

This week in English we were looking at Prospero's character in the Tempest and writing a character study. 

We  have been looking at historical evidence and what it can tell us and what it can not .We could choose from 5 unsolved mysteries to find out about. The most popular was the assassination of J.F Kennedy, or we could choose the mystery of Atlantis , the legend of the Sphinx, King Arthur , and Stone henge. We researched all of the evidence that we could about them. They are mysteries because there is not enough evidence to really know the truth. To follow on from this we had some items from a bin and we had to see what type of person might own the bin. There was a ticket to the velodrome for London 2012, a can of lynx deoderant , a ripped builders glove, a razor , a broken hammer, a dummy , trouser clips and a letter that said dear Mr and Mrs. We thought it belonged to a man who liked to cycle as a hobby and worked as a builder. He was married with a young child and lived in an English speaking country. We also thought about the Mayan prophecy about the end of the world, but the NASA video we watched said that the evidence had been misinterpreted and it had never meant the end of the world, just the end of that time cycle and the beginning of the next.

In Welsh we have been learning a poem called Fy nheulu i a fi .We practised reading it and asking and answering questions. We completed a comprehension exercise and recorded the poem with a partner.

Over the holidays, try to keep up your reading and check out the Autumn term's homework suggestions in the Class page of the Pupil Handbook on the website, if you haven't already done it. No spellings for over the holidays though!

 Miss Phillips and I would like to thank you all very much for the cards and Christmas gifts. We hope everyone has a lovely Christmas.

By Oliver Kenyon and Mrs. Irvine














































































Week 4 - week at Hilston

We are waiting for photos to be sent to us by the staff at Hilston Park, but we have a few that were taken on a school camera. We will update the website when the other photos arrive.


 Leaving school!!

 Hilston Park itself. We found out that it used to be a home in victorian times but it was once burned down and had to be rebuilt. We were given the whole house to ourselves and had to look after it by following some safety rules and keeping it clean and tidy.

 Groups C and D at Skenfrith Castle old mill after doing photo orienteering.

 Group C during their archery lesson.

 Discovering a muddy puddle near the canal!

 How to launch the canoes - we had to learn to do everything for ourselves.

 In the caves. Head torches were needed.

 Learning how to light a fire with flints was part of the forest skills day.

 For most people the leap of faith was the biggest challenge, but many of us managed it, or at least had a go!

 Every morning at eight o'clock we had to make our own lunch before we got our breakfast.

 In the evening we could take part in different activities. Giant Jenga was one of the games available.

 The Games room had a snooker table, table tennis table and table football table. They were very popular.