Wow!  I was so impressed with every one who had a go at the first Alfie Task - well done!  Your enthusiasm even got the Alien moving.  Let's see if we can do the same again this time :-) 

Click on the link below for the next Alfie Task.  Have fun!

This Week's #Maths Friday homework is to have a go at this Year 1 Alfie Task

Just click on the link below, put your details into the  system and off you go.

All of the questions in this first task are based on areas that we've covered during the Autumn term and during the first week's of the Spring term.  It's set at a level that the majority of children will be able to access independently, and we've had a little look at some of the questions in class so that everyone will be familiar with the format.

Please feel free to sit with your child and discuss the strategies that they use to answer the questions - these tasks really don't have to be completed under test conditions, but if there are any areas that your child struggles with, I can discuss ways that we can support them during our next Parent Consultations.

Alfie homework is super preparation for the Alfie tests the children will sit when they enter Year 2 and the numeracy tests children will complete in May next year.  The more they become familiar with the format and the ways in which they need to apply the skills they've been taught, the easier the tasks will become. on the link for our first one!