As the Year 1's approach their final term, I'll be posting links to some Alfie tests to allow the children to become familiar with the format before they enter Year 2.  The tests will be created only using concepts that have been taught in Year 1 since September.  The children will need to use their knowledge and skills to select the appropriate calculations.  The tests will start with questions that I hope all will be able to answer successfully to allow their confidence to build before tackling a few trickier questions!  All children have participated in guided reasoning groups to encourage them to use their skills independently in order to solve mathematical problems and this term have made fantastic progress.

Friday 11th March - Please click on the link below for some Alfie fun!


Friday 22nd April - Please click on the link to test your skills!


Friday 17th June - Please click on the link to apply all your knowledge to these questions.  There may be a few fraction questions that look tricky at first, but think about the dinosaur measuring we've done...