The links to Alfie practise tests will be posted here.

These are posted to consolidate learning that has taken place during Mathematics lessons

24.06.16 Year 3 June

27.05.16- Half Term Fun

20.05.16- Year 3 Data Handling

13.05.16 -Year 3 May Practise

29.4.16 Maths Practise

15.4.16  Maths Practise 

11.12.15 Money Fun 

23.10.15 October Half Term Fun 

25.9.15. Autumn 2015 1 Practise Paper

This Practise Paper has a time limit. Unfortunately I can not get rid of it and I can't understand why it has one. Hopefully this won't happen again! However, you can still use it as practise exercise to reinforce the skills.