Mount Pleasant Primary School                        Accessibility Plan    2010 - 2012      






Time Frame

Goals Achieved

  1. Make written materials available in alternative formats for:

a) disabled pupils

b) disabled parents/carers

c) disabled governors

The school uses staff or governor expertise along with bought in expertise for creating and converting texts in alternative formats.


The school publishes a statement in its prospectus which outlines the service available.

If needed or requested the school can provide written information in alternative formats for:

a) disabled pupils

b) disabled parents/carers

      c) disabled     governors

Autumn 2010 - Summer 2012

Amended prospectus


Delivery of information for disabled people in the school community.

    2. In refurbishment          programmes, incorporate appropriate:

  • a) Colour schemes to benefit pupils with visual impairments
  • b) Window blind installation

Mural painted on walls of school hall.

Colour schemes chosen to benefit children with visual impairments.

Advice sought from RNIB and staff/ governors with expertise.

Several classrooms made accessible to pupils with visual impairments.


Autumn 2010 - Summer 2012

Physical accessibility of school improved.

7. Plan to train staff in equality issues.

Buy in training expertise to train staff on a rolling programme/ staff meeting input.

One teacher each year is more able to meet the needs of disabled pupils and parent/carers in terms of disability equality issues.

Autumn 2010 - Summer 2012

Change in ethos and culture in terms of disability equality.

8. In refurbishment programmes plan to increase the schools stock of:

  • a) pupil classroom chairs with arms
  • b) large computer screens
  • c) ramps to all entrances of the main building

Following an audit of the school premises by the Governors:

  • a) buy pupil classroom chairs with arms
  • b) buy large computer screens as part of ICT refurbishment and renewal process
  • c) set budget for building works
  • a) Physical access to the classroom seating being improved
  • b) Access to the curriculum improved via large screened computers
  • c) All areas of school accessible to all school community.

Autumn 2010 - Summer 2012

  • a) Physical accessibility to the classroom improved
  • b) Physical accessibility to the washroom improved.
  • c) C) Increase in access to the National Curriculum
  • d) Physical accessibility.