3BE Parent Information Page

3BE Parent Information Page


Mrs Black works on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Miss Ellis works Thursday and Friday.

Mrs Vinh covers PPA on a Wednesday afternoon and a Friday afternoon.


PE/ Games - Please can you send suitable kit into school (white tshirt, black shorts/ joggers, suitable footwear) and it will be sent home at the end of every half term. We will be doing PE on Tuesdays and Fridays.  


In ICT we have been learning about coding.  The children had a lot of fun creating shapes and patterns by giving commands to the computer.  If they would like to use to at home the website it www.j2e.com it might be a good idea for them to revise the year 1 and 2 topics as we will be teaching the year 3 topic in our ICT time.  We would love to see what you create if you want to print it off or tweet us @3WB_MPS


Reading books and journals - you may have noticed Reading Journals starting to come home with your child.  These have activities listed in the front cover for your child to complete at home.  They only need to do one activity a week (based on their school reading books) and then bring it back to be marked. Please make sure your child brings their book every day so that we can hear them read.  In the juniors the children are responsible for putting their books in the book box every morning. Journal activities don't have to be done in their journal book.  They are free to make a video, powerpoint, animation, model etc.

NOTE: Children must have an adults signature in their Reading Record for their book to be changed.  Children who don't have a signature in their book will have the book sent home again.  We ask that children read for at least 10 minutes daily, with an emphasis on comprehension (understanding).  We have lots of fantastic readers who struggle to explain what they have read or answer questions on what they have read.  Reading Journals are to help with comprehension too.  If you need help/ ideas on comprehension activities please call in and ask (or drop us an email).  

Ask who/ what/ when/ where/ why questions.  Ask them to predict what will happen next.  Ask them to think about how they would solve the characters problem.  Do they like it, why?  If they didn't enjoy the book, why not?  Are their anyways they could improve the story?  Compare characters from different stories etc.  


Please feel free to email any queries to mrsblack@mountpleasantprimary.co.uk

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